Nexus 9 has the same camera module as the HTC Desire 610, reveals teardown


nexus 9 ifixit teardown

As they often do with hot new devices, the folks at iFixIt have taken the Nexus 9 and torn it down to its bare bits so you won’t have to. Everything seems par for the course in terms of components and such. The company noted that while the backplate was very easy to remove (it’s held together using secure clips instead of adhesive), they ran into some trouble with the 8 megapixel camera model.

Apparently it’s so snug that it came right off with the backplate, and that the camera module was inadvertently disconnected from the motherboard. The pain with that comes when you realize the motherboard has to be removed in order to reconnect the camera as its connection is on the underside.

Speaking of the camera module, the company has revealed that it’s the same 8 megapixel sensor that was found inside the Desire 610. Reviews for the device were pretty lukewarm on their feelings about the sensor’s quality — not amazing, but not bad either. That should be more than enough for a tablet’s needs.

Other notes from the teardown indicate that removing the display was one heck of a job with HTC using a very strong adhesive. It wasn’t anything that a lot of heat and patience couldn’t take care of, but definitely not a job for inexperienced hands if you’re ever anticipating needing to replace your own display. The full teardown can be had at the source link so get on over there and take a gander.

[via iFixIt]

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  1. I honestly think it is ridiculous when people use their tablets to take pictures.

    1. Saw a senior citizen do that at an engagement party for one of my friends two weekends ago. People who are 45+ are the majority who is guilty of it.

      1. Yeah, I used to feel ridiculous taking photos with my Nexus 7. Now that I’ve downsized to the Nexus 6 it’s all gooooood.

  2. I use the tablet camera to scan receipts, etc.

  3. With iFixIt would do a Shield Tablet tear down.

  4. I just thought that the front facing camera should at least be a 2 MP…..

  5. Why would you use a tablet for serious picture-taking anyways?

    1. Agree. I’ve owned 2 tablets and never used the camera on either of them.

      I cringe when I see tourists using Ipads as a camera.

  6. It’s htc, what did you expect, a good camera? lol

  7. Just give me a good frong facing camera for selfies and video chatting.

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