Amazon Prime customers now get unlimited photo storage at no extra cost


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Looks like that price increase for Amazon Prime a while back is paying off ten-fold. Amazon has added yet another perk for those who decide to pay the annual membership for benefits like free two-day shipping, instant videos and music, and more. Prime members will now get unlimited photo storage for their Cloud Drive accounts.

Amazon stresses that any photo you uploaded — regardless of file or physical size — will not count toward your Cloud Drive storage limits if you’re a Prime member. In addition, any photos previously uploaded to your Cloud Drive account no longer count toward that limit.

You’re still limited to 5GB on the free Cloud Drive subscription for other types of files, but this added benefit for Prime members (the option for unlimited photo storage is not even available for non-Prime members) should be a welcome addition should you need a reliable place to store all your memories.

The service will have apps for Android, iOS, Windows and Amazon Fire devices to start, with support for Mac being added down the line. The mobile apps in particular will offer automatic image backups and uploads, and you’ll be able to view all your images on any of the devices it’s supported, including the Fire Phone, Fire TV and Kindle Fire HDX, your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, or even a games console. Not a bad alternative to Dropbox or Google Drive if all you care about are photos.

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  1. Hmm. Very interested in this. I hope the app allows me to customize folders and stuff. I hate the way google+ sorts by dates and doesn’t allow me to use sub folders properly.

  2. I think they’re going to not like me… I have around 75GB of photography I want to back up! Wonder if it includes raw and DNG files…

    1. Yes.. if I can backup all my RAW files, my Prime membership just got a lot more worth it…

      1. I just tried. I uploaded a RAW from my Canon 5D MK3 and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately the only RAW I have with me has the metadata stripped out so I can’t see what Amazon can read out of the RAW file… But image appears to be great.

    2. 140GB from my wife’s collection going up for another remote storage location.
      Now to try out renaming outrageous files with a .jpg etc extension to see what happens.

  3. Grrrrr, I just canceled my prime after ~3 years and a price hike. I’m not a fan of all these added features I never wanted and consider sub-par as I’m currently paying other companies monthly fees for competing services (spotify, netflix) PLEASE Amazon, get back to the roots of Prime and make it a cheaper services that apply to all your daughter companies (MyHabit, Fresh, etc.) Once my Prime ends I will likely end up buying from Amazon less as the near instant gratification of Prime made the lower prices something worth waiting (a little) for. If I want to pay for a cloud service I would absolutely choose Mega considering they seem to be the biggest service that is focused the most on the rights and protection of their users.

  4. More to think about. I’ve been thinking about switching to OneDrive from Google Drive since they’re offering unlimited space and now there’s this. Right now, my wife’s still using the free Dropbox space that came with her phone. Boy are they going to be dead soon.

  5. So when does this start and when will the apps be released?

  6. This is a great thing. Well except that little issue where I went off wi-fi after leaving the office for lunch and blew through my 5 gigs of T-Mo data while enjoying my 5 Guys burger.
    PS- I have Auto-Save set to WiFi Only.

    1. Mine was defaulted to WiFi only when I installed it

      1. Exactly. Mine too. The problem is that it may only do the auto-backup on WiFi but if you choose photos to upload, it uploads them regardless of connection (as I just realized). So technically it’s not a bug; just very poorly executed IMHO. It would stand to reason that if I want auto-backup to run on WiFi only then I probably want the same when I manually set files to upload. If not, there should be a separate connection setting for that process. No?

        1. No. You placed a manual request from the app. It’s like when I manually upload to Dropbox, the app has to comply with my request no matter the connection.

  7. Dropbox and Google Photos both let you control what method you want auto uploads to happen.

  8. Amazon really going strong with all of these features I really am getting the most use out of prime. Prime Music, Prime Shipping, Prime Storage,Prime Videos, all at a unbelievable cost I’ve only paid less than $100 all of this is worth much more..

  9. Looks like Amazon just earned my money for a little bit longer

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