Motorola Moto Maxx pictured in the wild, looks to be international version of the DROID Turbo


Motorola Moto Maxx

A Verizon Wireless exclusive, we got our hands on the Motorola DROID Turbo when it launched last week and have fallen in love with its 24 hour+ battery life and insane processing speeds. Of course, many (ourselves included) were heartbroken to find the phone wouldn’t be launching for any other US carriers, despite documentation showing Motorola was working on a GSM version of the phone (XT1225). But just because the US is ruled out, that doesn’t mean the rest of the globe isn’t left wide open for this beastly Android device.

Motorola Moto Maxx wild

After Brazilian press began receiving invites for an upcoming Motorola Moto Maxx event last week, it seems this very same phone has now been pictured in the wild. Posted on Google+, the photos clearly show the “Moto Maxx” protective covering on the display, listing off the exact same specs as found on the Verizon variant. The only difference? While this appears to the 64GB version, there’s no “DROID 64GB” tag on the back or any kind of Verizon branding at all — makes sense given only Verizon has access to the DROID branding (owned by Lucasfilm).

Motorola Moto MAXX Brazil 2

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there was any word on availability anywhere just yet, but don’t hold your breath if you’re hoping this model to land in the US any time soon. We’re willing to bet Verizon paid a lot of money for the exclusive on this particular smartphone here in the states. Of course, that still leaves open the rest of the world which, for the most part, operates on global GSM networks. We’ll have to wait and see which 3G/4G LTE bands this Moto Maxx supports before we can start planning for an import.

It’s not likely, but we’ll continue keeping our fingers crossed for an unlocked Motorola Moto Maxx Pure Edition sold direct from Motorola.

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  1. Sexy

  2. Please come to the UK. Large battery life & 4k video

  3. I’ll still hold my breath

  4. Wish they would’ve dumped the capacitive buttons and gone with on-screen ones.

    1. I love the on screen buttons, YOU can change how you want the buttons to be, not have them set in stone for you. And when you’re watching a video, they tuck away for a bigger screen and lessens the chances of you hitting the back button or home if you’re playing a game

  5. Are they trying to make it look as ugly as possible? Cause they got it. Looks like a cheap chinese case is permanently stuck on there.

    1. It looks better than the ’14 Moto X

  6. Now if this came to US with all of AT&T and T-Mob bands

    1. That would kind of defeat the purpose of the moto x 2014, as this is what that phone should have been.

      1. The ’14 Moto X looks so horrible

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