Moto X 2014 with football leather back coming just in time for NFL Thanksgiving games




Besides running a slightly modified version of stock Android, arguably one of the better features of the Moto X is customization. Customers can visit Motorola’s MotoMaker site and choose from a variety of colorful back covers or opt for something a bit more unique and go with a wood or leather option – I chose cognac leather for mine. Well football fans, it looks like Motorola will be bringing you an additional customization choice in the near future.

Coming the third week of November, football fans will be able to purchase a Moto X with a leather back that looks and feels like a traditional football. There’s no word on carrier exclusivity, however our tipster only provided us with information for Verizon’s variant as shown below. There’s also no word on pricing, but if it’s anything like the current leather options, you should expect to fork over an additional $25 your footballified Moto X.



While this special leather back might allow for a better grip on your Moto X, I wouldn’t recommend tossing your phone around with your friends and family this Thanksgiving. Well, that’s it for now. If we get any more information, we’ll update this post accordingly.

Update: Horween Leather Company, the company that supplies Motorola with leather backs for the Moto X, just so happens to also be the exclusive leather supplier for the NFL’s footballs. If Horween is behind this back too, there’s a very good chance the back of this phone is going to feel like an actual football as mentioned above.

Thanks Mr. D!

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  1. I would.

    1. Maybe after a few beers :)

  2. Lol That’s actually pretty neat.

  3. I don’t get who buys these special editions. Samsung winds up releasing a handful of Sx phones every cycle, HTC jumped on the badwagon and now seemingly the same with the X. My point is, if the phone didn’t sell itself, does football leather, an alumnium body or new camera that requires explaining really punch sales over the top? I have a hard time believing that between the time that any of these phones are released, a new leather, aluminum body or cool camera are uncovered by technological advances.

    Capitalism wins the day of course, but I tend to think we, the (nerdier side of) consumers are being exploited.

    Just give me the best at the initial release.

    1. I agree for the most part. It always aggravates me to see a new color show up a few months after launch. I’d like to think manufacturers do this to keep interest, keep their product in the news. But as a consumer, it’s annoying to see this happen again and again if you like the new flavor better than what you had already purchased.

    2. It actually does sway people. Verizon has NFL exclusivity, this is just a cherry on top.

      1. Luckily it’s easy to do a football back. Much harder for Rogers in Canada to come up with an NHL themed phone. Unless they do like Moto X in a form of a puck LOL

        1. Stick tape or maybe a puck rubber with the outside grip design?

    3. THe people who buy the special editions are the ones who see them and say “that’s nice, I’ll buy one” and then go out and buy one. What’s so hard to get about that?

      1. Point is, why not have these options from the word go? I have a MotoX and while I wouldn’t get this option, it would be nice for those who got it within the first 60 days, you know, those who paid full price before it dropped, to have the most options. I have a hard time believing it took an additional 60 days for Moto to make this deal come through.

        As a consumer, shouldn’t you have all the options available when the phone is released? Buyers remorse usually occurs when a different something comes out after you buy yours, not a same something with a slightly different color, material, etc.

        1. There are many factors that affect why these exclusive deals don’t always get released on the same day. Factors may include available inventory, timing, and competition.

          From the get-go, limited quantities or limited choices are set out to measure consumer purchases, correct errors in the production of the handsets, reduce waste of materials and inefficiencies, and continue to scale factories w/ most cost-efficient processes through the production cycle. Had Moto released everything at once and made everything available to consumers, they may risk dealing with recalls, common defects, or handle too many returns at once that their own service factories may not be ready for.

          For all we know, the football skins could have had their own obstacles in quality assurance — identically to the wood (google it, there’s an article that talks about their struggle with introducing wood) — and by forcing the phone to be delayed altogether another 60 days it may result in lower sales and wasteful slack time.

    4. How are you being exploited by being offered more options?

  4. That’s pretty neat. It got my attention as you’d be the only person with a football phone

  5. Oh that’s cool *puts case on phone*

  6. Now put Dallas Cowboys on that and we have something

    1. If that something is throwing up, then yeah…they have something.

      1. Can the average Dallas Cowboys fan even afford a smartphone?

        1. Not funny

      2. I love cowboy haters gooooooooooooo Cowboys

  7. Wheres my titanium or CF/Kevlar or bamboo or something cool like that? I was something more exotic! :D

    1. Python skin..

      1. I think we’re on the same page!

  8. Pig skin Moto X? Nice!

  9. Verizon may be the only variant seeing as how they have an exclusive agreement with the NFL for the mobile app.

  10. I’m assuming this is just a render, but why is there no Motorola M on the disc? On second thought, leave it off and allow us to choose a team logo to place in there!

    1. There’s an M. Adjust your monitor / color settings if you can’t see it. It’s a photograph of a screen, so it makes it hard to see it, but I can see it.

      1. Yeah, I had my screen on auto. Turned it to full and I can see it now. I still like my idea of putting a team logo in there though.

  11. Wouldn’t it make a little more sense if they had the faux laces to match?

  12. I little pig skin? I prefer some bacon

  13. No. Just no.

  14. Was contemplating getting the Nexus 6 for stock Lollipop but this thing is perfect. Yep sign me up. I am a huge football fan and this phone is gorgeous to me. Wow.

  15. Just don’t throw it around at people.

  16. What a nice layout, I have read many interesting facts about the Motorola Moto X herer http://computerchecker.blogspot.com/2014/10/motorola-moto-x-developer-edition.html

  17. I wonder if there will be a resurgence of send me to heaven

  18. Nice

  19. That’s nice and all….but the lack of a microsd card slot and Qi charging stop me from making this my next daily phone. I’ll stick with my Note 3 and maybe keep my 2013 Moto X for backup.

  20. Pig skin, but not really pig skin.

    Make one that is a beautiful girl with clothes on and when you turn it upside down they disappear, now you got something.

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