Sep 5th, 2014

By now you’ve heard all about the Moto X, know it’s specs, price and availability, and have seen it in action. What you haven’t been able to decipher, though, is how those sexy leather backs look in real life, how they compare, how they feel, if they’re durable, and which one looks best. Allow us to help.


Above you’ll see 3 of the 4 color options for the leather backed Moto X:

  • Cognac
  • Natural
  • Navy

The 4th option is black leather and it will only be available, “in-store with select carriers,” but not online through Moto Maker. We’ve requested details on this color option restriction and are waiting to hear back from Motorola. But essentially, if you’re purchasing online, you’re choosing from Natural leather (light brown), Cognac leather (medium brown), and Navy leather (almost black).


How each look depends dramatically on the lighting. Compare the above photos to the one below and you’ll see what we mean. This aside, we’ve tried to select photos that best represent how we feel these leathers look in real life, an important distinction when making an online purchase.


Moto X with Navy Leather Back


The Navy backed Moto X was nice, but personally my least favorite. The dark color made it less noticeable as genuine leather and it almost looked black. The darker the leather the easier to imitate as faux leather, so comparing this to something like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it still doesn’t stand out as much as you’d hope.

But given the hometown Chicago crowd it was nice to see the navy leather, red accents, and custom engraving that gave props to the Chicago Bears NFL team and fans. And it’s worth noting: if you’re looking for a great engraving, the darker navy leather seemed to provide a much better surface.

Moto X with Natural Leather



The lightest of the leather shades is called natural: it looked and felt the most natural and was undeniably genuine leather. Definitely a great looking piece of craftmanship. There was one potentially small yet potentially big downside: scuffing and scratching being more visible.

When feeling the texture of the leather back, Chris rubbed his nail against the leather surface and it created a very visible scuff, the looks of which I didn’t feel were too attractive.




But maybe that’s just part of the “breaking in” process. Some of the best looking clothes and fashion accessories look best with noticeable distress, so much that many style-focused brands purposefully distress items ahead of time. We won’t know if this is the case until the public has spent some time with the leather-backed Moto X in various colors, but we felt it worth mentioning as an early observation.

Moto X with Cognac Leather

This was my personal favorite of the three colors we previewed.


It was light enough to attract attention and stylistically provide that undeniable genuine leather look, feel, touch, and even smell- but dark enough to seem like it would better hide scuffing and scraping. That’s an early assumption I’m making, so please take other accounts into consideration- just my personal thoughts on the matter.

I’m not exactly the most prestigious of style aficionados, but I also feel like it would better match a greater percentage of… okay, maybe I’m thinking too much into this. I’ll just say the Cognac leather is definitely my favorite.

Which Moto X leather color option do you like best?


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