Google gets fined for showing cleavage in Street View


street cleavage

No, you are not reading The Onion. This is a real story.

Google has been fined by a Canadian court for using a photo in Street View that contained a woman and her cleavage. The woman in the photo claimed that she was so embarrassed it caused her emotional damage and a bout of depression. This all started in 2009, by the way, but today the case has finally been settled.

What kind of ridiculous amount of money did Google have to pay to make this woman feel better? A mere $2,000. The woman was hoping for more, but the judge did not buy her story about emotional damage and depression. If you don’t want to be embarrassed by cleavage maybe you shouldn’t sit on your front porch in the middle of the day in a low cut shirt.

[via GigaOm]

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  1. Ahh North America, where you can sue a grill cheese sandwich for gimping you on the cheese. Gotta love it.

    1. actually, it’s not worth it. Last time I tried that, the sandwich won..

  2. Seriously

  3. This is bull crap.

  4. I think she deserves to be embarrassed for real, spread the pic haha

  5. In the US, it probably would have been a million dollar payout.

    1. Don’t be silly. We don’t respect women’s privacy here. Even upskirt creeper shots are fine.

  6. Her offence offends me.

    1. Damn straight. If we all become a little less sensitive (and more sensible) about things the whole “political correctness” thing would have blown over by now.

  7. My only question: how much did everyone who walked past her house that day have to pay?

    1. Great point!

    2. Are you saying she charges people?

    3. Her picture made me feel kinda funny, like climbing the rope in gym class. Can I sue her?

    4. funny comment, and I agree that she’s rediculous, but you’re missing the point… her claim is that her image while on her own property was distributed without her consent. People walking by aren’t taking photos and making them available to the world.

      Is she an opportunist? Yes.. Is your comment logical? No.

      1. And if people walking by did take a picture, she can’t do a thing about it. Celebrities deal with it all the time.

  8. “The woman was hoping for more…”

    Yeah, I bet she was. Lucky she got that.

    1. and the cost to tax payers for a legal case that date back to 2009…. probably more than $2k?

  9. I should sue her for not showing enough boob

    1. Google paid 2K and didn’t even get to see any nipple

    1. Super Trooper reference?

  10. The Streisand Effect strikes again.

  11. Embarrassed really? She was the one who made a choice to wear the top. People just want publicity and free money

  12. This woman is a genius! Now, she is going to demand $2000 from every website that posts these pictures since there is precedence now. It’s getting a hell of a lot more views now than it ever would have on just Street View.

    1. Phandroid, get your wallet out

    2. Streisand effect

  13. This girl is a c*nt, she should jailed for wasting everyone’s time

    1. While I think the lawsuit was ridiculous, there’s no reason for slurs.

  14. Maybe now she can afford a bigger shirt.

  15. how dare Google invade the extreme privacy of her front doorsteps on a bright sunny day. In fact, you can tell by her body language that she’s doing everything possible to not even face the street, so that people on the street won’t see her embarrassing cleavage.

    1. This is simply ridiculous

    2. Next people will be chasing the street view vehicles so they can turn around and sue Google for being captured in an image.

      1. I’ll moon the car, then sue Google for showing my ass

  16. A judgement is not a fine in the US. Or Canada either, I believe. Maybe tweak the title?

  17. Wow this is so messed up. Google just took a public photo. If the woman is embarrassed perhaps she shouldn’t be out in public like that? WTF is wrong with people?

    1. Opportunity to cash in, same as if someone slips on an icy driveway as sues the property owner.

  18. So I have to point this out. If she ignored this and it didn’t go to the media how many people would have seen this for her to be embarrassed? Now that is public we ALL SEE IT! Lol

    Enjoy your $2000 ma’am

  19. Embarrassed? She was outside dressed like that – this wasn’t a voyeur photo!

  20. I like her boobs though.

  21. The issue isn’t that they took a picture, it’s that they should ‘ve blurred her. They also didn’t blur get license plate supposedly. Google is supposed to blur faces and license plates, to protect identities, but they don’t blur nearly enough to make you unrecognizable .

    1. Can you really see any details on the face? the face looks like a guy with long hair this way.

    2. You seriously think someone is going to review every inch of the street view, and you still get to use google map for free?

      1. They use automated software to do 99% of it. In Europe Google is under even stricter scrutiny and laws, and blurs more and its still free. Nobody has to physically review every square inch.

  22. Wow, when did the rednecks move up to the land of canadia?

  23. People suck. She’d have better odds of a payout by “falling” in a supermarket, or getting “hit” by a car.

  24. So sitting out infront of a road with a right shirt on to purposely show off your cleavage to passing cars doesn’t embarrass you. Give me a f#&$%+ break! And not a Kit Kat break either. This woman should be fined for making blondes look stupid.

  25. Now that a court has found Google at fault criminally, the civil suit is a sure winner!

  26. Chump change for Google.

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