PlayStation app updated with refreshed user interface and tablet support



The PlayStation app in Google Play has gotten a nice upgrade. Sore eyes can rest easy knowing that Sony has redesigned the home screen to make it easier to find the things you need. The changes aren’t massive, but it does provide quick access to What’s New content and PlayStation Live video. You’ll also get a quick overview of online friends without having to jump into the friends menu.

The biggest change is newly-added support for tablets, so using the app on a bigger screen won’t simply result in an oversized phone user interface. Beyond that, it’s now easier to find friends on PlayStation. You can search for users by using their real name if they have enabled that on their account, and the app will also recommend friends that you may know (though our history with such a feature suggests it won’t get it right 100% of the time, so be careful about who you’re adding).

The upgrade is sitting over at Google Play right now. Set aside the reasonable 3.3 megabytes it costs to download and get going!


[via PS4Daily]

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  1. It’s still an incredibly awful app. If almost all the important parts of the app are just going to open up a web browser, why not just making a really awesome web app and forget about all this godawful app design and performance? I mean, seriously, the thing takes like 15 seconds to login, just so it can take you to their website if you want to buy something. Why?

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