Oct 29th, 2014

OnePlus One DSC06079

OnePlus One pre-sales went up for about three hours this past Monday. The window of availability was originally set to one hour, but server issues made it difficult for many folks to complete their orders and found themselves ultimately shut out. This caused OnePlus to extend the window, but even that wasn’t enough to help everyone who was willing and able to pre-order the device.

Fortunately OnePlus says they’re planning a second pre-sale event on November 17th for those who didn’t get a chance to get in on the fun. According to a forum post on their official site, OnePlus will be taking the time between these two opportunities to shore up their servers and make sure no one runs into any issues the next time around.

There still seems to be high demand for the phone through this method as the company was able to rack up at least 20,000 pre-orders within the first 30-45 minutes. They imagine they could have sold even more had their servers worked properly.

The new opportunity will go live at 15:00 GMT (about 10am eastern) on the aforementioned November 17th date, so be sure to set a reminder (though we’ll certainly be posting a friendly reminder of our own when the date comes). Let us know if you were one of the unlucky few affected by server issues.

[via OnePlus]