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Verizon unleashed the Motorola DROID Turbo earlier today, and it turned out to be a pretty beastly phone. The thing is packed to the brim with class-leading specs at every category. Our announcement post has all the details you’ll crave, and we’ve even got hands-on for you to enjoy as we await the device’s October 30th launch date.

But if you’re in need for some serious discussion then AndroidForums.com is the place you want to be. The DROID Turbo section is alive and kicking with some healthy conversation already going down. Folks have been comparing the device to the Nexus 6, and rightfully so being that they’re made by the same company. Considering the DROID Turbo is actually cheaper off-contract some folks are considering it to be a better deal over Google’s 2014 flagship Nexus handset.

There’s also talk going on about the device’s massive 3,900mAh battery and the 48 hours Motorola promises to be able to deliver with that hefty pack of juice. It’s OK to be skeptical of their claims, though we imagine an accompanying Turbo Charger (which can get you 8 hours of juice with just 15 minutes of charging) will overshadow any lingering concerns about battery life.

All of that and more is being discussed over at AndroidForums so head over, sign up and take part. We’ll be seeing you over there!

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Hands-on: Motorola Droid Turbo

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  1. Ah I hate that this is on Verizon…..makes me hate Verizon….and makes me hate Motorola. Wish this was on AT&T, I’d consider it over the Nexus with just the battery life alone. Guess we will have to see how the Nexus compares when we finally get to see a review.

    1. I believe a very similar phone was sent through the fcc from moto around the same time as this one for those who are into GSM.

      1. would that be the nexus?? I’m loving the battery size on this phone! I love that the nexus is 6 inches, but I think they should have released 2 sized….which this phone would have fit that scenario pretty well. I Think at the end of the day, i’m still getting the Nexus so my gripes dont matter.

        1. http://www.tmonews.com/2014/10/t-mo-compatible-quad-hd-motorola-droid-turbo-in-the-works/

          Based on the size, this is a different phone than the nexus 6.

  2. Motorola knows that we want battery, but they dont know we want a international model :/

  3. Sorry Verizon, still not enough (but I’m impressed) to sway me from the Nexus 6

  4. I see a new marketing slogan. “*Insert demographic speech here* …..and by combining Verizon’s ultra fast LTE with the lasting power of the Droid Turbo you can burn through your monthly data allotment in a single charge!”

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