Google Fit is now available to download on Google Play, track fitness activity using nothing but your smartphone


Google Fit devices

After showing it off briefly onstage during this year’s Google I/O developer conference, the official Google Fit app is now available to download on Google Play. The app allows users to gather all sorts of data, straight from the many sensors already found in most Android smartphones.

Google Fit screenshot tablet

Whether it’s running, biking, or walking, you can set goals and track activity or have Google recommend something for you. Given that this is all custom tailored to you, all the data is linked to your Google account so it will always go with you, even if want to view it on your desktop web browser, smartphone, or smartwatch. There’s never a bad time to start getting fit.

Google Fit is also compatible with a wide range of fitness tracking accessories and apps like Strava, Withings, Runtastic, Runkeeper and Noom Coach, so now you’ll be able to view all that data straight inside Fit. Compatible with all Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich) devices, you can find the Google Fit download link provided below.

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  1. I just installed it to try it out. Doesnt seem to be counting anything such as steps. Hmmm…odd!

    Note 3

    1. Same thing here. I walked a quarter mile and showed I walked zero steps. I reviewed the apps as a template for nice material based design :)

    2. Works with Android Wear devices.

      1. Gotcha. Guess Im stuck using Samsungs app

  2. Any trackers outside of Android Wear that work with this?

  3. Doesn’t seem to do much at all but count steps. I feel like it goes much deeper, but unless I have an app or hardware that will play along with it, I won’t find out.

  4. This could be cool as my monthly “Fit” card inexplicably stopped showing up over the summer.

  5. This article and the app makes it seem like you can just use your phone and dont need an Android Wear device. Reviews don’t look good so far.

  6. Works just fine on my Nexus 5. No additional hardware needed. Although, riding my motorcycle counts as a bicycle. No way to delete that activity.

    1. That’s funny. Google was able to monitor these things before with Google now and I never had a problem with my scooter being a bicycle.

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