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This week we’ve got more great deals on Android devices, accessories, and Halloween favorites. You can get your start with 3D printing, travel back to the future with a hoverboard, play baseball on your phone, listen to some great classic tunes, and watch a scary movie. It’s all right here in our list of great deals, but act fast before they disappear! Happy Halloween!

Hardware & Accessories


Save $30 on the Samsung Galaxy S 8.4. Arguably the best Android tablet (before the Nexus 9 came around) can be yours for just $370 from Newegg. This is the white WiFi model with 16GB of storage and 3GB of RAM. []

28 USB Ports & One Hub To Rule Them All. You probably have a ton of devices that can be charged with USB cables. This also means that you probably don’t have nearly enough USB ports to charge them all. Enter the MondoHub: 28 ports for all your charging needs, and it’s currently $40 off. [AndroidArea]

Get 30% off a floating waterproof speaker. Bluetooth speakers are extremely handy if you don’t want to put your phone in harm’s way. A waterproof speaker is the perfect example of this. Why risk putting your smartphone near water when you can toss the Miccus Waterproof speaker right in? [Woot]

Take 25% off your start to 3D printing. Everyone wants a 3D printer right now, but the prices are still pretty high. There are a few entry-level devices that can get your foot in the door for a relatively low price. The Portabee GO is one of those products. Right now you can get one for less than $1,000. Not a bad start. [AndroidArea]

Go back to the future with hoverboard and Nike Air Mag. One of the coolest things to come from the Back to the Future trilogy is the iconic hoverboard. Several generations of kids have wished for this mythical toy. You can’t have the real thing yet, but this electric skateboard is pretty close. For good measure you’ll get a pair of 2015 Nike Air Mags. [AndroidArea]

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  1. In the Lonely Hour is showing as $5.99 for me.

  2. If you have a Nexus 5, you can get the movie Gravity for free. Or you could just change your build prop file if your rooted.

  3. Lana, that is all.

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