Obesity crisis be damned, slick new Taco Bell app lets you order food ahead of time



We warned you to stock up on toilet paper and you now can order food ahead of time using Taco Bell’s brand new app. Fresh off the Google Play Store, the new Taco Bell app allows you to skip the line and customize your orders with wherever you crave, straight from the couch/office/toilet. Taco Bell’s entire lineup of pseudo Mexican cuisine are all here, separated by category right inside the app which we have to admit, looks pretty damn slick. It’s not Material, but we dig it.

Taco Bell app for Android

After choosing your dish, you’ll have to pick your location (some items aren’t available at every location) and from there, you’ll be able to customize orders by seeing “what’s included.” Each individual ingredient can be swiped showing you pricing for things like extra sour cream, or removing something entirely (like guacamole).

There’s also a tab for “add-ons” which gives you access to Taco Bell’s wide range of ingredients like onions, bacon, potatoes, or anything else your fatass is into (we usually go with a cup of nacho cheese sauce and just drink it out of a straw). It’s pretty robust and the fact that all this is possible without having to scream an order into a broken intercom system is the best idea we’ve seen in awhile.

Taco Bell app customizing

Once your done, you’ll be to see your total and can check out using either a reloadable Taco Bell card, or traditional credit/debit card. If you feel like you’ll be using this method or ordering frequently, you can save your card info or even view your order history for quick checkout. You can even choose how you’d like to pick up your food, via drive thru or inside the restaurant. Bloody hell, Taco Bell. You’ve just won my business.

Check out the app already on the Google Play Store by hitting the link below. Now, if only the Taco Bell app took advantage of the newly launched Google Fit app to add 1 hour of extra activity for every burrito supreme ordered. Now there’s an idea.

Chris Chavez
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  1. and on this day, we knew the world would end.

    Great idea, excellent company to capitalize on it, and nice execution. Thing is, this country is fat enough as it is :/ I worry for the employees and our toilets.

    1. This just may be a plot to make people exercise more. Think about it: They entice us with the idea of getting our food sooner, but in order to really do that we have to forgo the use of the drive-through. Is it really worth the few minutes saved when you have to get out of your car, walk into the restaurant, get your food and carry it back to your car? Many people would be out of breath by the time they got back to their car! Taco Bell could at least add a button to the app that you press when you arrive so that someone would bring out your food for you. Or just start delivering like a pizza restaurant.

      1. Don’t wanna be “that guy,” but you can pick up inside or via drive-thru. I’ll add this to the post. Ha

        1. Of course I was semi-joking with my last post. You can’t skip the line at the drive-through though, so about the only benefit of the app there is to avoid using the intercom.

          I’m also curious about the prices in this app. The price of an order that I occasionally make seems slightly higher than what I remember the restaurant charging.

          1. Looks spot on with my local Bell, but I’ll have to verify.

          2. I looked into it a bit more, and what appears to be going on is that my local Taco Bell is placing multiple items in a bundle that’s not available through the app. I looked up the cost through a past credit card purchase notification email, and a pack of 12 Cool Ranch Doritos tacos (no, not just for me) costed $14.97. The app doesn’t appear to give a choice to get 12 of those in a bundle, so buying them individually costs $17.88.

          3. I want some Doritos Locos Tacos now. =.[

      2. Bahahaha MURICA!

      3. U can pick it up via drive though apparently you didn’t read the dull thing

    2. On average Taco Bell is actually healthier and has a higher ratio of protein than other fast food, which is impressive considering it’s also generally cheaper than other fast food. And I’ve never gotten sick after eating at the Bell, which is more than I can say for McDonalds.

  2. Hope it features a diarrhea tracker.

    1. Have never once gotten sick after eating taco bell, even after eating it almost every night for 5 months straight.

      1. You should get with Morgan Spurlock and make a documentary: The Man Who Didn’t Get The Runs.

      2. Right. When I was in college there was a Taco Bell right next to my apartments, so I ate it every day, or night (depending on when I actually had time to eat). I never got sick once. That joke is getting really old.

  3. ‘Murica!

  4. This article made me LOL

  5. Nothing beats their Baja Blast!

    1. It exits your system in more or less the same state that it enters.

      1. Perfect

      2. I love me some brominated vegetable oil!

      3. I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!!

    2. Sangrita blast is close.

      2/3 of Baja blast and 1/3 Sangrita Blast is probably the best thing Man has created.

  6. Does the free version come with abdominal cramps or is that just for Pro users?

  7. Stuff like this is great for those working late at night that don’t necessarily have the time to make lunch or eat a decent dinner before. Beats sitting in the drive-through at 12am.

  8. “we usually go with a cup of nacho cheese sauce and just drink it out of a straw”
    That made me laugh out loud.
    Definitely downloading and going to start customizing orders like no tomorrow.

  9. Lol now all they need is delivery and they’re set

  10. So thanks to phandroid, today I have downloaded Google Fit and this app.
    Google doesn’t know what to think of me.

  11. WTF does the app need access to my contacts and photos?

    1. Does the app offer any way to add a photo or send pictures?
      Does the app offer any way to share what you’re ordering with friends or something of that sort?

      Those are just quick things I can think of. If none of that applies, then I have no idea. LoL!!

  12. So does the app do a duplicate order? The first order is what they F* up and the second one is your real order + spit?

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