Oct 28th, 2014


We warned you to stock up on toilet paper and you now can order food ahead of time using Taco Bell’s brand new app. Fresh off the Google Play Store, the new Taco Bell app allows you to skip the line and customize your orders with wherever you crave, straight from the couch/office/toilet. Taco Bell’s entire lineup of pseudo Mexican cuisine are all here, separated by category right inside the app which we have to admit, looks pretty damn slick. It’s not Material, but we dig it.

Taco Bell app for Android

After choosing your dish, you’ll have to pick your location (some items aren’t available at every location) and from there, you’ll be able to customize orders by seeing “what’s included.” Each individual ingredient can be swiped showing you pricing for things like extra sour cream, or removing something entirely (like guacamole).

There’s also a tab for “add-ons” which gives you access to Taco Bell’s wide range of ingredients like onions, bacon, potatoes, or anything else your fatass is into (we usually go with a cup of nacho cheese sauce and just drink it out of a straw). It’s pretty robust and the fact that all this is possible without having to scream an order into a broken intercom system is the best idea we’ve seen in awhile.

Taco Bell app customizing

Once your done, you’ll be to see your total and can check out using either a reloadable Taco Bell card, or traditional credit/debit card. If you feel like you’ll be using this method or ordering frequently, you can save your card info or even view your order history for quick checkout. You can even choose how you’d like to pick up your food, via drive thru or inside the restaurant. Bloody hell, Taco Bell. You’ve just won my business.

Check out the app already on the Google Play Store by hitting the link below. Now, if only the Taco Bell app took advantage of the newly launched Google Fit app to add 1 hour of extra activity for every burrito supreme ordered. Now there’s an idea.

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