Oct 28th, 2014

Google Play balance subscriptions landscape

It’s a small change on paper, but one that could make a world of difference for those stock piling Play Store credit using Google Opinion Rewards. In an update to Google’s support page titled “Google Play balance uses and restrictions,” it seems Google has added the ability to use Google Play credit when paying for subscriptions to Google Play Music All Access, or Google Play Newsstand. And well — that’s pretty much the long and short of it.

The Play credit is being restricted to just those two subscriptions for now and for anyone currently hanging onto Google Play Music All Access’ special introductory rate ($8), you should be able to cancel and reactivate again using your Google Play balance for the same lower rate. We’ve seen reports of this working out fine for many a folks, as long as they renewed before their service month had expired.

While we’re not entirely sure when this change was made, it’s nice to see Google providing additional payment options. We know what’s going on our Christmas wishlist (hint: Google Play giftcards).

[Google Play Support]

Thanks, Crimzn!

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