OnePlus One pre-orders begin October 27th, and you can get started right now


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OnePlus is nearly ready to kick off their pre-order system for the OnePlus One. The company has announced that pre-sales will open October 27th, giving you a chance to claim a device without having to hunt down an invite. Folks who pre-order the phone will be given solid shipment estimates, however it won’t entitle you to a OnePlus One as fast as they’re available — a good ol’ invite will still get you ahead of the pack for receiving the phone in a timely manner.

You can prepare your pre-order as early as today by heading to the company’s website, and your order will be good to go by the time the floodgates open next week. There are a few things OnePlus wants you to keep in mind about the pre-order process:

  1. Two of each item may be added to your cart. All prices are final upon order confirmation.
  2. After confirming your order, shipping address can be changed within the same country, but customer name cannot be modified.
  3. Pre-orders can be cancelled prior to shipping but no changes can be made to the items in your order.
  4. If your payment order does not go through before the order it shipped, the pre-order will not be processed.

A couple other things worth noting: you can only pre-order if you have a functional Paypal account, and the pre-order window only lasts for 60 minutes. It’s not a bad route to take if you’re still interested in the OnePlus One but not interested in invite shenanigans. Let us know if you’ll be looking to grab one once things kick off October 27th at 15:00 GMT.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. They’ve really stretched this whole thing as far as it can go. I just makes me realise how much I love my N5

    1. Thinking the same thing about my N5…in fact,I was seconds away from clicking the PAY NOW on my paypal account to buy the OPO but I cancelled it at the last second! Mainly because I not only have an “issue-free” device,but I also really like getting the updates so quick after they come out! And from what it sounds like,this 5.0 Lollipop OS update will do wonders for just about any Android device!

  2. Ben rocking an OPO for about 4 months now. Even considering its shortcomings, I can confirm, it is worth every penny.

    1. Agreed. It’s a great option now and when it first launched, everyone wanted ONE. For the money it’s an incredible deal for the tech and value combined it is unbeatable. I may or may not buy a nexus 6. But if I’m patient the opo will get the updated L android update through cyanogenmod.

  3. If I hadn’t gotten the LG g3 already I’d be all over this guess I’ll wait for the one plus 2

    1. I did the same thing love the G3…

  4. Yawn. One Plus needs to get their crap together if they want to taken seriously.

    1. IKR?. As great the specs are…I’m a bit panicky about going all in on a company that, let’s face it, has not been able to deliver as they advertised (Besides Phone Specs)… Just saying…

  5. I guess Oneplus is still insisting that people prepay while ordering. Yet another negative business method from a company that routinely does business in a shady manner. Now we get to send our money to Oneplus long before we can expect to receive a phone. Heck, with Oneplus manufacturing numbers, I bet buyers end up paying before their phone is even produced. Is this a Kickstarter campaign?

  6. No longer interesting after their lottery/competition BS.

  7. One Hour Window, gotta love it!

    1. What does that mean? Are they only taking pre-orders for one hour on the 27th?

      1. YUP!

        1. WTF!?!?! Why??? Are they going back to invites after that? Or are they discontinuing the 1+1 after that?

          1. they are going to do sporadic pre-orders and still use the invite system.

          2. Okay, thanks. I have to wonder why they just don’t take pre-orders continuously? Limited windows don’t really make sense… the whole point of pre-orders is for the consumer to be able to actually put in their order even if it won’t ship immediately and for the company to know exactly how much demand there is. Only doing short, sporadic windows just means a lot of people will still miss out, and One Plus will continue to grossly under-estimate their demand.

          3. They said something along the lines we’ve given out 20k-30k invites. We don’t want to take on too many pre-orders and not deliver within a reasonable amount of time etc…

          4. Thanks again. I’ll leave it at this… they’ll never know how much actual demand there is and never benefit from producing in volume if they continue to operate this way. I guess if they never want to grow and never want to reach their potential, then they should keep doing what their doing.

          5. I can see the short pre-order session being for the sole purpose of generating more hype. Sites like phandroid might write an article for each one. That’s free advertisement.

            Also having small opportunities makes it feel more special, like “If I don’t get it now, who knows when I will be able to?”

  8. too late..note 4

  9. I saw a ton of people with them at the Big Android BBQ. Amazing piece of gear, and I totally want one. I’ll do the pre-order if I have to, though I’d prefer to find an invite. I have my friends looking for an invite for me now.

    1. I love Android and having competition, but come on, a line has to be drawn somewhere.

      We sensible people need to keep our hard earned money away from dirty
      Chinese companies like One Plus, given that China has stolen, copied, and hacked their way to robbing all the intellectual properties, trade secrets, and military secrets of developed nations.

      This game that they’re playing is a common Chinese trick. The Chinese make up fake sales numbers or manipulate them to look more successful than they really are. This phone would be a failure if sold on the open market, but they can hide behind the invitation-tactic as a ploy to make it look more “attractive” and “successful” than it really is.

      The Chinese can not make quality products either, so this invitation-ploy also allows them to fool the media and public into believing that their products are “decent quality” by artificially producing a small number of devices. Scaling up would have obviously revealed their junk quality.

      These cheap Chinese brands are under the control of the Communist government, and a Chinese company even got caught red handed stealing our personal info and sending it to the Communist government.

      Not to mention that the Communist PRC is methodically trying to undermine our
      US dollar as the international currency, and trying to brainwash our generation by establishing dirty Chinese propaganda groups disguised as “educational clubs” under the Confucius Institute.

      The Chinese are one of the most immoral, sneakiest, and ruthless people in the
      world. Our money is better spent elsewhere, and review sites have a moral duty to stop covering dirty Chinese companies.

      1. Well said!

      2. Yeah because nothing shady happens in the US? Our government had access to our info with the NSA and they were spying on other countries. This stuff happens in other places as well. Aren’t all the phones made over there anyways? Basically saying all the phones are junk quality.

  10. It seems like they could have had a really good thing going, but they are still going on with their weird way of selling phones. It was okay in the beginning but I expected them to get it together by now. They should either come out with a new phone quick or just have a regular preorder and not a one hour window.

  11. meanwhile, servers will be flooded at the time of pre-orders.

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