Retry by Rovio aims to cash in on the ridiculously hard game trend



Rovio has a new game being dolled out this morning. It’s called Retry, an 8-bit airplane maneuvering obstacle course that’ll have you doing dips, dives, turns and twists to try and make your way through each level without crashing. The company is quite proud of the fact that the game might make you want to pull your hair out due to its difficulty. I mean, its name is Retry, after all.

More than just the difficulty of it, though, the studio is priding itself on the retro graphics, sound and feel of it all. “Next gen? How ‘bout first gen,” they exclaim in the app’s description. But beyond the pile of 8-bit pride is a bit of depth. Here’s the feature list being touted in this 1.0 release:

  • WORLD MAP! Wave to friends as you zip past!
  • DAILY CHALLENGES! Take on friends in brutally endless levels!
  • SHORTCUT LEVELS! Who said shortcuts were easy? Good luck.
  • MODS! Mod your plane to slow down time and more!
  • FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR! No clue how to barrel-roll? Turn on the navigator!

So beyond its pile of 8-bit inspiration is actually a unique set of gameplay elements that should make this a very interesting way to pass some time. Be sure to find the free download over at the Google Play Store.

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  1. Fun for a bit, but I don’t see myself playing this one very much.

  2. Terrible. It isn’t really hard. It just is poorly designed because you can’t see enough world to make good judgements.

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