Official: Nexus 6 pre-orders open up October 29th


Nexus 6 Google Play Pre-order

When Google took the wraps off the Nexus 6 last week, other than a vague “later this month” pre-order date, they failed to give Android fanboys a specific date on when we could expect it to land on Google Play. Without any formal word or announcement, the Nexus 6 listing in the Google Play Store is now showing a pre-order date of October 29th.

Available in 32GB for $650, or 64GB for $700, like Google Play edition devices, we don’t imagine too many of you are going to opt for the full-priced unlocked model. Thankfully, unlike any other Nexus devices before it, you can get the phone subsidized or through carrier’s early upgrade / payment plans when it officially launches next month.

Still, we’re curious. Anyone planning on actually buying the $650+ unlocked model?

Nexus 6 on Google Play

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  1. I will be ordering it as soon as it’s available. So excited!

  2. I will be buying the unlocked 32 GB since you can use it on any US carrier. I will be using it on T Mobile for now.

    1. FYI, all N6’s are unlocked, carrier purchased or otherwise.

      1. I think all devices should be like that. I know it probably costs more to pack all the bands and radios etc in there but worth the extra $$

        1. Definitely, but the carriers don’t desire this, especially big red and the blue Death Star.

          1. I am sure carriers don’t like that one bit but if they kept getting stiffed from getting in on the action on newer devices combined with uncarrier moves etc they will feel the pressure. I am looking forward to T Mobile band 12 coverage and see how that looks.

  3. i probably will get this device. it has everything i wished the nexus 5 had… size notwithstanding

  4. I plan to pass at this stage. I want to see the Z3v and it’s pricing. Since I want to keep unlimited data on VZW, I am likely buying off contract $$$$$$

  5. It’s a shame there isn’t a new Nexus phone this year. Just this giant thing.

  6. What’s the UK price Google?

  7. Just gimmee lolipop on my N5 please. Like, yesterday :)

    1. It’s been available for a while;-) I too, though, am waiting for the official release.

  8. I definately will be getting the unlocked version. Even though there is one sku and that should speed up updates through the carriers, those said carriers are they only things I trust less than the government, police, and women.

  9. I will buy from T Mobile and buy the n9 with cash.Would it be lock if I bought it from t mobile

    1. SIM locked? Almost guaranteed if you buy it through the carrier subsidized.
      edit: Not sure why you edited and completely changed your comment. Now mine doesn’t make sense. GG

      1. No nexus will be carrier locked. I bought an N7 LTE from a Verizon customer, Verizon packaging and everything, and I’ve been using it on Tmo for the last 7 months. Best $150 I’ve spent in a long while.

      2. Answered my own question

  10. As soon as it goes live, I will be throwing my credit card at the screen in hopes of the credit card being taken….

    1. Same here. Though apparently Motorola will be selling it through their site, but they also have like a payment plan that you can do. Very interesting

  11. i’m buying an unlocked nexus 6. and since this will hold huge chunk of money on my credit card, this will prevent me from buying things i don’t need from Amazon. it’s a win-win for me. i’m ready

  12. You can put me down as a650 purchase. I’m off contact with grandfathered unlimited data on Verizon. I have to buy this at full price.

    1. If I were you and you didn’t want a massive phone, is be going with a 1st gen moto x off eBay or Craigslist, but I’m happy with the “midrange” specs that it has, and definitely happy with a price of $100-200.

      1. I’m OK with a massive nexus. I have a2013 moto x now. It’s a de and I like it but I’ve been waiting for a nexus since the galaxy nexus

        1. Makes sense. I just can’t fathom the price, but that’s me on an N5. Years ago I remember thinking about importing the GNex to use on Tmo, back when it was $500-700. I can hardly believe it now…

          1. I spent that much on the gnex. Never got used to cheap nexus phones due to Verizon’s unwillingness to carry them

  13. I’ll be plopping down some $ for the 64g version. Anyone know if I can use google play money to pay for this? Would love to buy play gift card from office store and get 5 points per $ on my credit card.

    1. They still don’t allow Google Play Store credit to buy phones

      1. Though I do wish they did. I’d be racking up the fuel discounts, if they did…

  14. Note 4 or this hmmmm. Can’t decide yet #firstworldproblems

    1. Ah bloat or no bloat, hard hard choice! Lol jk

  15. I will most likely be buying the $650 unlocked version from the Play Store. Stopped by the T-Mobile store to hold a Note 4, and since the N6 is about the same size (with a bigger screen) I don’t think it’s going to be too big at all.

  16. Question regarding the T-Mobile nexus. Would you have to buy it directly from T-Mobile to receive the Wi-Fi calling update ? Or will buying from Google and having a T-Mobile Sim card in it be just fine?

    1. All of the models offered by carriers and direct from the play store are the same, no carrier locking or the likes, so buying from anywhere, even Verizon, will get you T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling capability when it is launched in early 2015. Of course, just to clarify this further for those who might go on a wild thought based on what I’ve said, this means you are required to have T-Mobile USA service to get their Wi-Fi calling.

      1. Excellent. Thanks

    2. What ChristianMcC said…

      1. Then what was the point of this comment?

  17. still too damn big.

  18. I will likely move $700 from my savings account to my checking account and then plopping down $100 every paycheck more than I normally do back into my savings account for 7 paychecks. Then I can get that sweet 64gb model.

  19. is this the 29th for carriers?? or just direct?? I see the blurb about NEXT month….but I’d love to see at&t open up pre-ordering this baby on the 29th cause i’ll wait up until 12:01 to get it!

  20. I’m waiting for some sort of price break. Black Friday sale, maybe?

  21. Would love to buy it, but too pricey for my taste at this time. Drop it to $400 and I’ll buy it same day…

    1. I feel you there, though still not too fond of the size… I’ll still probably get it when I catch a Craigslist or local ad deal. I’m crazy…

  22. I suppose each perception is different. That being said, I never really understood the subsidizing business model as a benefit for the consumer. Just like any piece of technology I want whether a phone, television, or computer, I just purchase it.

    Having freedom to take my business wherever is important, even if I’m with the same mobile provider for years.

    So yes, I’m all in on the Nexus 6. I’ve owned every iteration, and I don’t plan on stopping until Nexus does.

    1. Getting it from t mobile and paying their payment program is basically the same as paying cash.

  23. Having a OnePlus One, I can’t justify the $650/$700 price for the Nexus 6. Though, maybe some day when it is discounted. I’ll patiently wait for the Android 5 Lollipop update for the OnePlus One. Playing with the developer version on my Nexus 7 in the mean time.

  24. I’m planning on buying the $700 64gb model! Ouch, that’s going to be painful.

  25. I’m on VZW with unlimited, so I’ll be paying full price for whatever I get. A Moto phablet is what I’ve been wanting for awhile, but at $700 for the 64gb, I’m going to consider the new X and the new Droid Turbo too. It may come down to a great Black Friday/Christmas sale on one of them off contract. Fortunately, I’m still happy with my 2013 X. It hasn’t given me a single problem that would even begin to justify spending $700 for the Nexus 6 when it first comes out.

  26. I’m buying mine from Google Play! 64gb White. Never buying from a carrier again

    1. I could understand this except for when taking in the concept of the time value of money. If T-Mobile is selling it for the same price as the play store, just spread over 24 months, it can be considered the cheaper option as they are not charging any interest.

      1. I would just rather not be tied down to them for 2 years. I like the freedom of owning my own device out of the gate and being able to take it anywhere if I choose. Just preference. But if someone doesn’t have the full amount to spare, I completely understand going that route. Just not for me.

        1. Your not tied to them. It’s not a contract. If you decide to leave, you can choose to just pay the rest of the device off, so it is still cheaper in the long run.

          personally, I pay an extra $6 a month for their warranty and Jump program. After I have paid %50 of any device I am using, I can switch it out for another phone. So if the Nexus 6 ends up blowing or not being what i want, I only have to pay for half of it and I can toss it back to TMobile and get a different phone.

          1. Not really a fan of the early upgrade plans. Correct me if I’m wrong, but with those programs don’t you have to trade in the old phone when you are upgrading to the next? I like to keep my old phones because I usually have them in good condition. Never know when you will need a temporary phone in case something happens. Also having an old phone to root and play around with is a plus too lol.

    2. If it is a Nexus device…I am buying directly from Google.

  27. With this price tag I’ll first have to see some reviews

  28. But what about the UK!?!? T_T

  29. I’ll wait to see the device first. The size is a turnoff but maybe I can learn to love it. That said I also want to see if there is an actual subsidy. With my Nexus 5 I switched to AT&T from Verizon where I had a Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus 5 was only $400 and the AT&T BYOD discount is $15/month (i.e. $360 over two years) so there was absolutely no reason to consider a contract because the discount paid for the device and there are no strings attached and no carrier in the way of updates. The only problem is that AT&T’s network sucks outside of heavily populated areas. It’s much better than T-Mobile or Sprint but it’s terrible compared to Verizon. If the Google Play Nexus 6 runs on Verizon I’ll probably spring for the $700 device. I don’t need 64G but the price difference is insignificant and I’m a sucker for maxed out devices. After the Galaxy Nexus fiasco I’ll never get a device directly from Verizon again or be locked in to a Verizon contract, however I would like to be back on their network if I can do it with a Google Play device. If the Verizon will only support a device that comes from them then I’m going to stick with AT&T. That brings up the issue of subsidy. Supposedly AT&T is offering the Nexus 6 for $50, add in the lost BYOD discount of $360 then the price on AT&T is only $410. If I’m going to be stuck on AT&T anyway then a $240 discount would be a good reason to get a contract. However if the $50 offer goes away by the time that they actually start shipping Nexus 6s then I’ll either buy the $700 Google Play device or skip this generation altogether and stick with my Nexus 5 (which is a still a great device).

    BTW I’m running the Preview version of Lollypop on my Nexus 5 and it’s the berries. The radios and bluetooth seem much better than they were on the Developer release of L and the few glaring bugs that were in the Developer release seem to have been fixed. The performance is as good as it ever needs to be, at least it is with Nova Launcher with everything set to Faster Than Light. There is no delay on anything so the faster processor on the Nexus 6 won’t make any difference. The attraction of the Nexus 6 vs the Nexus 5, is the QHD screen. Actual battery life on the 6 is an unknown at the moment. If it turns out to be significantly better than the N5 then that would be a reason to upgrade also, but if it’s the same or worse then we are back to the screen as the only potential advantage.

  30. I’m going to wait and see what att contract price is. If $50 as rumored to be, I’ll jump on that.

  31. Yes I am willing to pay $650+..my only concern is the huge size. Even tho I badly want a new Nexus phone…the huge size may be tough to manage. It will require a trip to the local Tmo store so as to get a good in hand feel.
    That is why I am hoping the rumored Moto X Play with Att n T-Mobile bands (GSM variant of the Droid Turbo) is real and hopefully come out soon.

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