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Late last week the Nexus Player officially went up for pre-order. However, on Saturday we saw it get removed from the Play Store due to some trouble with the FCC. Turns out Google jumped the gun and listed it before the FCC gave the thumbs-up. Yesterday it passed through the FCC right on cue, and now today it is finally back in the Play Store. You can snag it for $99, and it will leave the warehouse in 3-4 weeks. Go get it!

Google Play

[via FCC]

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

Official: Nexus 6 pre-orders open up October 29th

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  1. thanks. Cancelled my first order with the gamepad.. (dont really need it) and just got the Nexus Player. Saved on shipping too

  2. So this doesn’t have an HDMI in?! I thought it was going to control your cable box and handle tv programming content…

    1. no, this is just a Media player type device.
      Google TV is the one that had the HDMI in. I guess they gave up on that. I dont mind as I dont have cable. OTA TV and PLEX for me :)

      1. Downloads and Netflix ftw.

    2. It’s designed to be a cable cutter.

      1. Cord cutting doesn’t mean removing certain features. It means getting rid of cable. They could have added ethernet to it. I’ll stick to my chromecast and my roku stick.

  3. Add support for Amazon Prime and I’ll replace my Roku with this, but until then my Roku cover my needs better.

    1. cant do that.. this is a Google product .. hence the connection to the google Play store like itunes is the connected store for Apple TV and . Roku is a third party, therefore they get some choice in who they can connect to..
      Its like me saying.. “Add itunes” and I’ll get it..

      1. question, does this have access to google play apps? because i thought amazon prime videos was going to be there?

        1. Amazon is playing a dumb game with their streaming app… The Android app has existed for years now on Fire devices, but Amazon has refused to allow it to work on non-Amazon products…
          They finally gave in somewhat recently and you can stream their stuff through the normal Amazon app on any Android device now (man is it cludgy), but they don’t allow it to work on tablets.
          I fully expect them to drag their feet on Nexus Player support too, not because of any technical reasons.

          1. thank you.

          2. By the way, as of now, if you install the apk for the shop and video app from Amazon, you can at least play it on a Nexus 7 2013. I just moved over to the L Dev preview and it doesn’t seem to work on that at the moment, but it worked fine on Kitkat.

      2. Prime has worked on my original Sony Google TV. There hasn’t been a refresh since honeycomb but I’m able to use all the features even thought the interface is clunky and old, but it works.

  4. Annnd it’s gone.

  5. Already ordered mine. Can’t wait

  6. Still waitlisted. I added to my waitlist on Saturday…didn’t even get an e-mail to notify that it was available again. Come on, Google..this is like the Moto360 all over again.

    1. SAme here. I checked the site a few times and reloaded the site. Was able to find it when it had ability to buy and bought it. Now it’s back to out of inventory. As with any new release of Nexus, it sells out quick.

    2. Same here. Luckily I check phandroid every hr for news.

    3. How is it like the Moto 360?

    4. Reminds me of when the Galaxy Nexus was announced. I was on Verizon back then and I was so happy we were getting a Nexus phone. They didn’t have an exact release date right away, but I signed up separately for updates from Verizon, Samsung, and Google. I never heard anything from Google, and got emails from Verizon and Samsung about two weeks after it was released saying that it was available. Thankfully I read Phandroid regularly and saw the news of the actual release and ordered it day one. TL;DR, don’t trust them to tell you when its available.

  7. Is this really worth it if you already have an Android phone with a Chromecast? I’m assuming maybe this will let you actually see the Play Store on the TV, though. Hmmm I don’t know how I missed this announcement despite reading all the articles on the Nexus 6 and 9, guess I’ll have to do some research. :)

    1. This will do a lot more than a Chromecast will, and allows local content, so it depends on your usage.

  8. Got my Fire TV and my questionable XBMC 3rd party add-ons. No thanks. I’m good Google

  9. Still don’t know if this will work with standard Bluetooth Controllers like MOGA and MAdcatz

  10. I’ll wait till it hits the stores. Don’t wanna pay the shipping.

  11. If this can get XBMC installed, I’m sold. So i’m probably going to hold out until it hits store shelves and there’s some info on XBMC.

    1. I bought a G-Box Midnight instead. Not a bad little box, and it comes with a forked XMBC. You might want to research that. Or, you might not… :D

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