Forthcoming Gmail upgrade to add support for Yahoo and Outlook accounts


gmail update yahoo outlook

Google’s polishing up the final pieces of the big Gmail upgrade they’re planning to go along with the final rollout of Android 5.0 Lollipop. The obvious changes will be in the user interface and aesthetics where Google will highlight Lollipop’s Material Design. The app stands to become a lot more colorful, clean and enjoyable compared to what some might consider a current stale experience that’s gotten a bit long in the tooth.

But more than just look and feel, Android Police reports that the app will look to support more than just Google accounts for email. The welcome video that will play once a user upgrades to the app tells of support for Yahoo and Outlook. Non-Gmail accounts were typically handled by the stock email client in the past, but this will be a great “one-size-fits-all” option for anyone getting email through the other big two providers.

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What isn’t yet clear is if Yahoo and Outlook will be the only third-party services supported. We imagine there will still be a wide need for third-party email clients for folks dealing with Exchange or other special email needs, but this is a very nice change that should be happy news for any casual email user.

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Hands-on: Android 5.0 Lollipop new apps and features [VIDEO]

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  1. Looking forward to the update. Gmail is my favorite email client and I have always wanted it to support my other non Google accounts.

  2. if they do that and give me a dark and slate theme I will definitely unfreeze it and it give it a try

  3. Will I FINALLY be able to turn off conversation mode in the Gmail app?

    1. Nah. That would be too much to hope for.

  4. I wonder, will I be able to add my work Outlook account to Gmail, but only allow certain peoples emails (from Outlook) to come through? That would keep my inbox manageable if I combined the two.

    1. I’m sure this’ll work the same as having multiple gmail accounts on there. Each has it’s own settings, so the inbox for outlook will be separate. As far as customizing Outlook notification settings from a ‘3rd party’ app, doubtful.

  5. Will this include office365 accounts?

  6. This will be awesome as the 3rd part “email” app that is stock Android blows. It would be easy to write some rules to colorise each email brand and/or place these different brand of emails into branded folders to keep separate from Gmail.

  7. Ha!!!! This is perfect for my Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook accounts!!!

  8. Will it work for Hotmail?
    Oh wait… Who cares?

  9. Supports IMAP, POP & Exchange

  10. If this is true, I never would have expected this, that’s for sure.

  11. I guess it’s nice to have the option, but I prefer to keep my work (Outlook) and personal (Gmail) completely separate.

  12. Your uncle is a perv. I saw him steal that car.

  13. The real question is, will they finally change the sent mail folder to display who you sent the message TO, instead of showing “me” for every god damn message. Thanks gmail, I was wondering who sent that message I sent.

  14. Sweet those are the only other accounts I need. Goodbye Email app!

  15. Awesome! The Yahoo app sucks big time.

  16. use all three on a daily basis would be nice to have all in one app

  17. For the sake of unification, it’s great…. But, this functionality already exists within the stock Android email app. So, cool. Does this mean that the secondary app is going away, or will Gmail’s mobile app support IMAP and POP too? Frankly, there’s no reason for it not too, especially if an email program already exists. If they can unify messaging, they can unify email.

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