Oct 20th, 2014

spotify family

Spotify is a pretty good deal at $10 per month: unlimited, on-demand access to over 20 million music tracks, personalized radio and the like all make the price tag worth it. Unfortunately, folks who like to share accounts haven’t had an easy life with Spotify restricting playback to one device at a time. It’s also a headache for those who don’t want their recommendations and personalized radio being riddled with wacky suggestions.

And that’s why they decided to introduce a family plan. Up to five people can share a Spotify account if you pay $5 for each user after the first. A two person deal would run you $15, while a 5 person party would bring that total to $30. Each user gets their own login and maintain their own playlists, listening history and suggestions — no more getting a load of Disney soundtracks because your offspring had a field day on your account.

Splitting payments up evenly would save everyone money so it could make as much sense financially as it does technologically. Of course, some would be even happier with the ability to share accounts the old school way without restrictions, but Spotify has to make their money too, folks. Spotify says the plan will roll out globally in the coming weeks so you might not be seeing the change right away. Keep a lookout on their website for the new feature if this is something that could benefit you.

[via Spotify]

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