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Christmas is still a couple months away, but it’s never too early to starting thinking about presents. Who wouldn’t want to find a Limited Edition Black Hawk Drone under the tree? Here’s what you do: you pre-order the Black Hawk Drone now for $89 at and come the end of November it will ship right to your door — just in time for the holidays. One gift down, countless to go. It’s a start.

Pre-order the Black Hawk Drone at

The Black Hawk is a “palm-sized” drone with 6-axis flight control and flight modes for both beginners and experienced pilots. It has the ability to execute a flip in four different directions, making it a true aerial acrobat. But it does more than just perform mid-air stunts. The Black Hawk Drone also sports a built-in HD camera that records to MicroSD media for replay and transfer to other devices.

You will want to act quick to take advantage of this special offer. The Black Hawk Drone will only be available at this price for four more days. The pre-order price will increase to $99 and move to $199 when the Black Hawk becomes available at retail on November 24th. Head over to to grab your own and check out even more great deals.


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  1. Does it come with an attachable Albanian Flag?

  2. Wonder if it has enough lift to carry a Raspberry Pi and small battery or is that too much weight.

    1. Definitely too much weight, this copter fits in the palm of your hand. THis is a picture of the Hubsan X4, but it’s the same copter. Image in link.

  3. This is literally just a repaint of a Hubsan X4 quadcopter. The version with the HD camera can always be found on amazon for about $70 bucks, and the non camera versions even cheaper. I bought the basic X4 without a camera for $36 a few months ago there. The only thing that’s different here is it’s been painted black and the price is jacked up. Save your money and buy the Hubsan X4, same exact thing, other companies sell rebranded Hubsans all the time, but this is the worst I’ve seen in regards to price.

    1. Glad someone pointed it out already. This thing is such a scam!

      1. That’s a pretty good deal on Amazon. Not to be a hater… but it definitely looks $20 more bad ass in black. Just one man’s opinion.

  4. I love this drone helicopter, but do we have to talk about Christmas now?!

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