HTC One M8 Developer Edition is now receiving EYE camera update



Owners of the unlocked international HTC One M8 started to receive the EYE update being featured on HTC’s new selfie-focused Desire EYE, and now developer edition owners are in for more of the same. The upgrade is now being rolled out to that crop of M8 owners over the air. You’ll be looking for version 3.28.1540.5, and if you haven’t been keeping up it’ll bring the following changes:

  • Face tracking: track up to 4 faces during a video chat, and ensure that they stay within the camera’s angle of view
  • Split Capture: record the action in front of you and yourself at the same time, or record the action first and then record a commentary
  • Face Fusion: Using 2 photos such as your selfie and a photo of your favorite celebrity, try merging your looks together
  • Voice Selfie: Take a picture or video selfie by just saying “say cheese” or “action”
  • Live Makeup: smoothen your skin before taking a selfie
  • Photo Booth: take 4 selfies and merge them into a single picture

It’s nothing that’s going to improve the quality of the photos you take with the HTC One M8’s cameras, but certainly some very cool features if you’re super big into selfies. The update is quite large at about 235.92MB so be sure to enable WiFi and charge your battery before attempting to pull it down. All that’s left is to get the upgrade to those on carrier variants of the HTC One M8 (though we have a feeling it will take a bit longer to accomplish that).

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  1. Update for Google Play Experience M8 variants ?

  2. what is good with this camera is it can be used with many android phones like samsung galaxy note 4, Xperia Z.., not only HTC

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