Despite $16.5 billion in revenue, Google misses Q3 estimates



It was time for another one of Google’s investor calls this afternoon, with Google’s CFO Patrick Pichette leading the call to talk about the company’s Q3 2014 earnings.
Despite Google tipping the scales at $16.5 billion in revenue for the quarter — a 20% growth year-over-year — it seems the internet search giant may have fallen just a little bit short of initial estimates with profits at $6.35 a share, versus a $6.53 projection.

This was due in part to slower growth of Google’s advertising business which was up 17%, but still a slowdown from Q2. Google’s websites were also up 20%, coming in less than the prior quarter’s 23% growth. Google’s operating expenses accounted for 37% of their revenue (up from 33% the previous year).

Looking ahead, Google is working on ads that resize themselves to accommodate the growing number of smaller displays (smartphones) accounting for web traffic. For those interested, you can find more detailed numbers over on Google’ official Investor Relations page linked below.

[Google Investor Relations]

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  1. Now we know why the Nexus 6 costs so much, Google needs more money.

    1. Who doesn’t?

  2. Poor thing, I’ll be crying myself to sleep over their missing billions.

    1. Let’s see how crapple does.

      1. Wow dude you need a life. Get over apple.

        1. You all should get over google ?

          1. LOL what are you talking about man? You can look at all of my posts you won’t find me bashing Google anywhere where as a majority of your past post history is apple bashing . You have an obsession and it’s not healthy! No where in this article is Apple even mentioned.

    2. You do realize that hard working people’s retirement savings are among those “missing billions”, don’t you? Accurate projections are important to reduce volatility in the market.

      1. You’re talking about the stock market?

  3. Come on guys, let’s all chip in and help them out of this funk! We can do a Kickstarter.

    1. Just buy 2 Nexus 6’s and you’re pretty much there.

    2. Dude just buy over price crappy buggy iOS 8 phones . google is doing fine its innovating. What has apple done in 4 years oh yes change phone size

  4. Maybe they set their expectations too high:(

  5. Oh no, they fell a couple hundred million short of expected profits! Let all have a moment of silence in respect for their tragic loss.

  6. “Analysts” who project these figures, and Wall St who set their clocks by them, are going to be the death of capatlism.

    Really, a couple of decimal points off the ‘projected figures’ and that’s deemed a failure???? pathetic.

    1. First of all it’s Google that projects the numbers. Second, multiply those “couple of decimal points” by the number of shares and you have very big money.

      1. Oh dear each share is only worth approx 10 times what it was ten years ago, and their share profit this year was $6.35 per share instead of $6.53, a massive 18 cents. Excuse me if I cannot find tears for the whiners. At about $520 per share, anyone who has lots of Google stock can afford 18c, if they cant they shouldn’t invest.

        1. and remember their stock split… I am sure its not a big deal to these mega investors.

  7. Google and Apple make untold billions in profits while Wall Street whines that they didn’t make /even more/ untold billions. Cry me a river~

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