Jan 30th, 2014


Google’s earnings call kicked off moments ago, and we know you’re all dying to know: how did the internet search giant fare in Q4 2013? Let’s find out.

Google posted $16.86 billion in revenue in Q4 of last year, with $4 billion in income. Two thirds of Google’s revenue came from their sites, with $8.77 billion coming in from outside the US ($1.5 billion from the UK alone). Google’s chief financial officer Patrick Pichette shed some light on how the Play Store hardware sales helped drive their quarter-over-quarter growth saying, “ Nexus 5 was very strong for us, and the Chromecast was a best seller all quarter.”

Even though Motorola managed to bring in $1.24 billion in gross revenue, they continued operating a loss, specifically to the tune of $384 million (an increase from the previous quarter’s $248 million). Suddenly, Google unloading Motorola’s dead weight is making a lot more sense.

Despite missing expectations, Google’s shares remained on the rise. Overall, Google’s 2013 was better than 2012 so things are still on the up and up.

[Google Investor Relations]

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