Here’s a few Nexus 6 camera samples, size comparison against iPhone 6 Plus too


Nexus 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus

With Google surprising just about everyone and making an aggressive play to offer up the Nexus 6 across the 4 major carriers in the US, you would assume the phone is being actively tested on those networks. And you’d be right. Taking to his Google+ page, T-Mobile employee Duan Dao decided to post a few images of his test unit, not too unlike the one we saw T-Mobile Product Manager Des Smith unbox yesterday.

Because he’s a good sport, Dao was nice enough to go the extra mile and show the world how the phone compares in size to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and last year’s Motorola Moto X. The best part was he even posted a few sample images showing off the phone’s photo taking abilities — something we haven’t seen given Google didn’t have time to send out actual review units for anyone to play around with (yet).

Unfortunately, these weren’t posted at anywhere near full res, so you wont be able to blow these up and thoroughly examine every pixel (we also blurred out a minor which appeared in one of the pics). Although the phone is still in testing and the software on the test units more than likely isn’t final, this is just a sample of what you may expect when the phone launches next month. What do you think?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Meh.

  2. Of course motorola couldn’t do the camera right!

    You had one job! Just one job! Give a Nexus phone a good camera but noooo its just full of meh.


    1. Idk the camera looks better then my S4 from the few pics I’m seeing.

  3. right now, it’s a 2 horse race between a DROID TURBO and NEXUS6. first accessory i’m going to buy is an otterbox, so if the nexus6 slips out of my hand no problemo.

    tight now the deal breaker is how loud the ringer is.

    1. 3 horse race IMHO

      Z3 vs Turbo vs Nexus 6

      The Z3 keeps getting left out, but in some respects, it beats both of these guys.

      1. Not if you want QHD with 805 though.

        1. Now all of the sudden everybody cares about specs.

        2. I’ll take MicoSD, IP water and dust proof rating, better camera personally.

      2. Bingo.

    2. Put a ugly bulky case on a beautiful phone.

    3. Finally another person who mentions the ringer..nowadays the priced phones get the ringers get lower tones.

    4. I would say the Turbo is the obvious choice. Better size, battery, Qi charging. Plus all the magic sauce of the Moto X.

  4. Can we get a size comparison with the G3?

    1. Right! Best camera on a phone I’ve ever had.

  5. They pics don’t look too bad to me. If the camera is better than my Note 3 the only issue is if I can survive with 64gb(using 62.4gb right now). A little discount wouldn’t hurt either.

  6. Dam that bezel is sexy.I’ve always loved woman with flat chest and tight bottoms

    1. So you like girls who look like little boys?

      1. If that’s what you want to take from it what ever.

        1. Oh come on, now the whole thread doesn’t make sense to other people who stumble here. Your post was funny! Don’t let Nino shame you into censoring yourself, dude. He’s just got his panties in a bunch. We all support you.

      2. So you like fat disgusting pigs?

        1. lol oh you want some attention? There you go. Now run along.

          1. you’re an idiot.

  7. Holy Moses!

  8. something has been edited out of the photo!!!

    1. Yes – did you read the entire article?

      1. word…i thought the photo taker was able to edit, i didn’t catch that they blurred out a minor….mah bad….pics still looked noisy

  9. The Ois is not doing so well in low light. I see some noise. I read recent note 4 review and it was same thing. Pics arent as good in dark as they should be. Lg g3 still has best ois for night photos. They optimize it better.

    1. I’m a G3 user. Believe me, noise is better than crappy post-processing that makes pictures look plastic.

  10. Dang that camera aint so good

    1. They look as good as any other camera phone out there.I’ve just about given up on a perfect camera on a phone and the n6 has to many good thing going for it to pass up.

      1. *too
        What does it have going for it over the other major phablet player, the Note 4? It is missing expandable storage and removable battery; two major benefits of Android over Apple. Both the N6 and Note 4 have quick charging. Note 4 has so many extra features built in that are missing on Nexus phones.

        Not a Samsung fanboy by any means. Just pointing out the facts. If the N6 was the same price as past Nexus phones, absolutely the N6 would have a lot going for it for its price point.

        1. For one thing I don’t need a stylus or touch wiz or any other overlay also I like getting update as soon as they come out and a 64GB is still less then a note.

          1. Yeah, not many Note users actually use the stylus, including myself. I mainly only break it out for Air Command or if someone wants to sign for their Square transaction. But Air Command is one of the many TW features that make Android so much easier/better than vanilla Android, IMO.
            Nexus is first in updates, that’s for sure. Honestly though, these days, Android is awesome as is that most of us will be able to sleep fine while waiting a month or 2 for an update lol!

          2. That why there is more then one oem making phones.I had the first two note and had to force myself to use the stylus.And I had the last two nexus phones and I prefer them.And as far as updates it’s not just the major updates it’s also the little ones.

      2. Nexus phones are great for many reasons… But it definitely never usually leads the charts in cameras or batteries. This camera isn’t horrible but it does not match the others at the top.

      3. “They look as good as any other camera phone out there.”
        I lol’d

  11. Duan’s got that good taste in cars.

  12. The Motorola logo on the front of the phone is such an eye sore

    1. That an Audi?

      1. Yup….A6 or S6.

    2. The Nexus 6 in the pic is a pre-release device, you idiot.

      1. While you’re right, not sure why everyone on the internet needs to call each other idiots all the time.

  13. gutarist5122, the Moto logo on the front signifies its a test unit. The retail phones will not have this. And you seem to be in the dark about what Nexus devices are for. They were sold to be a developer phone. They are never sold with the gimmicks that the phones they are based on do. The Google Play editions are the same way. They aren’t really packaged for normal consumers. The benefit to these phones are the updates come straight from Google, and not the carrier. So any new software Google updates gets sent to the phones directly. It makes it especially nice if there is a bug they didn’t catch, you don’t have to walk around with a jacked up phone until the carrier decides to approve the next software version. Until now, Nexus phones didn’t really even have the specs that their retail counterparts did.

  14. I don’t buy phones with professional level photography in mind and I can’t understand why anyone else would…Anyway, the phone looks nice and not too big when next to the iPhone 6. Can’t wait to get one.

    1. You mean compared to the 6 plus

      1. Lol thanks for being specific ;)

  15. Google needs to hire some new guys for their photography division. Cells phone are becoming the go to camera for most people today. Phone after Phone, from different manufacturers the camera is still horrible. This basically tells a story, Google guys don’t know what they are doing when it comes to photography. The phone is very expensive now so what other reason can they give?

    1. Wait. Can you explain why you think that the camera is horrible?

      1. Did you not see the pictures? Oh and before the fanboy fight starts, i have to warn you that i use a Nexus 5 right now as my daily phone. The images are horrible. Samsung and Apple(Note 4 and iPhone 6+) are better right now.

        1. Fanboy fight?))) I’m glad that you have Nexus 5, it is a good phone, but besides “the images are horrible” I didn’t get any explanations. Images seem good to me: they are crisp, with good color reproduction (on the street). Yes, noisy in low light either because of no post-processing or because he made a shot from hands, or he set the ISO level too high, but that is only one sample, I’d look for more to compare and I’m going to have my hands on Nexus 6 anyway. Not because I’m going to get it (I got Note 4 last week), but because of curiosity The pictures in the car seem blurry? Read about what is depth of field and how it works. Please, be more specific.

  16. Am I the only one that hates the white search bar? I guess we are going back to the eclair/froyo days.

    1. I think it looks modern.

    2. Nova launcher fixes that issue.

      1. It should’nt have to

        1. Then why use android at all?

          1. That doesn’t make sense.

    3. Hadn’t noticed it until you pointed it out. Now I am hating it. Thanks so much.

    4. Not everyone has an appreciatation for modern design.

  17. I like the color reproduction and the absence of crappy post-processing like other phones do that makes pictures look plastic. Good job, Moto!

  18. Wait, You provide a size comparison image and some of the devices have cases?

  19. Nexus 6 doesn’t have micro sd slot… $649? FAIL!!!

    1. You are a fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Don’t feed the troll.

        1. I should knew that from other posts.

    2. I agree with you. Skip Googles strong arm force to the cloud.

  20. Those pics sure do look sub par. Coming from a Oneplus One/iPhone 6 user. I’m worried, I hope these are just a fluke.

  21. It looks like there is a few focusing issues

    1. How do you know what the person was trying focusing on?

      1. It would help if any of it was problerly in focus, it may just be a softwear issue,

  22. These pictures were taken at an extremely low resolution. Here’s where I found them


    Here’s some from the one plus one with the same sensor but at a high resolution


    If you save a picture from each link you’ll see that they are extremely different resoultions 1128×846 for the “sample pictures” vs 4160×3120 for the oneplus one pictures.

    Plus there is no telling what other settings the nexus 6 pictures were taken with.

  23. I prefer the look of the N5. Motorola phones look kind of bubbly. The lack of Bezels is awesome though.

  24. This guy is most likely a software engineer, and not a photographer. In better hands, you’ll get better shots. Regardless, I still want this thing in 64gb.

  25. If you have the money, ditch the iPhone 6 and go for the Nexus 6. We can promise you,YOU won’t regret it!Click here for detailed nexus 6 review .

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