Check your mailbox: Galaxy Note 4 already arriving on doorsteps [From the Forums]



If you’re a T-Mobile customer who has pre-ordered their version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you’ll definitely want to zoom over to your email inbox right now. Folks over at AndroidForums.com are reportedly receiving notices that the device has shipped, with some slated to arrive ahead of the device’s Friday launch date.

A couple of lucky customers have reportedly already received their units as early as yesterday. It certainly wouldn’t be hard to believe that they’ve gotten devices early considering T-Mobile is keen on shipping orders almost as soon as they’re ready to go out the door (they told Xperia Z3 pre-orderers that they might receive their shipments early, as well).

Folks are already beginning to share their impressions of the phone after the little time they’ve had with it. Lestat897 says the device looks even nicer than the Note 3 in terms of its faux leather backplate. The lack of fake stitching seems to add to its appeal and make for a much cleaner look, something we most certainly don’t have a problem agreeing with. The user also mentioned that the small gap Samsung warns about really isn’t noticeable and they don’t anticipate it being the cause of any issues.

To this point we haven’t received reports of customers from any other carrier receiving shipments or shipment notices, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be in shortly. Continue to monitor that inbox, mailbox and doorstep to make sure you get your hands on your Note 4 as soon as you can as we barrel towards Friday’s release.

In the mean time, you can head to the thread over at AndroidForums.com where generous early owners are taking on any and all questions. Be sure to make an account if you don’t already and get those questions rolling in. Let us know below if you’ve received your shipment or a shipment notice (no matter which carrier you’re with).

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  1. Received my Note 4 yesterday!!

    1. hate you lol thoughts thusfar?

      1. Phone is very smooth, much better than Note 3. Best screen I’ve ever seen on a phone or tablet. I’m very happy I did the jump. Can honestly say this is the best phone I have owned. Other phones I’ve used are nexus 5, nexus 4, galaxy nexus, nexus one, motor X original, note 3, S4, S5.

        Build quality feels premium, a first for Samsung!

    2. Tell us about it… they said I will get mine Friday….. been promised they will hold one for me. Love the Note 3.. the Note 4 can only be awesome…

  2. The M8 is better than the Note 4. If u choose the Note 4 over the M8 you’re a rapist, there I said it.

    1. Wait, what?

    2. 32gb+MicroSD vs 16gb+MicroSD, s805/Exynos 5433(A57/A53) vs s801, 3gb vs 2Gb RAM, 2560×1440 AMOLED vs 1920×1080 LCD, removable 3220 mAh battery vs non-removable 2600mAh, stylus vs none, 16MP vs 4MP camera, 3,7MP wide-angle vs 5MP front-facing, etc.

      1. My M8 has 32GB of internal storage (as do most others, I believe). But touché on the rest.

        1. The 32Gb version is only available in certain regions for some odd reason.

          1. Ah, odd indeed. I believe all the North American variants got 32GB. Which region is yours from?

          2. Talking about the m8 and the only version I’ve seen in Europe has been the 16Gb one.

          3. The M8 here in North America has 32gb but I am still getting the Note 4;)

          4. You are correct, but not all of your viewers are from North America. YOUR INTERNATIONAL BABY!

      2. But… Front facing speakers…

        1. I have been using the M8 for six months now and I honestly can say that I can live without the front facing speakers. Sure its loud but I use headphones anyway and it is annoying to people to have my phone banging loud music and/or videos in public. Great feature but I can live without it.

          1. I honestly can’t. I HATE it when I try and share videos, or anything and you can’t hear the sound.

            It has become a convenience that I require. Kinda like SunRoof for some. You can live without, but some people just NEED that Window right there.

            But in all honestly, I could do without. That contradiction, though.

          2. For sure not a necessity. I don’t use them very often either. I don’t use them often either, but when I do, oh baby they are nice. Of course I only use them in private, generally just when I want to watch a video and don’t have a pair of headphones handy. Those people who play music from their phone loudly in public are quite annoying.

    3. I only agree if u are only mentioning for the Sense UI vs. Touch Wiz, kekeke

      1. This. HTC software + HTC build + Samsung internals = win. If only. *sigh*

    4. lol thats angry…I had the m8 the camera killed it for me…everything else was amazing on that device…this is the first time in years that samsung has interested me, cant wait to try it out.

    5. LOL! I am actually jumping from the M8 to the Note 4. The M8 feels limited in feature from what my Note 3 offered, other than build quality and Sense UI. The battery life on the m8 is inferior to that of the Note 3 and I enjoyed the luxury of simply popping in an extra battery when needed. Also the camera is simply horrible on my M8 coming from the Note 3. The M8 is pretty and sturdy but I miss the S-pen features which came in handy when I took notes and wrote on my calendar. The M8 was not worth the jump from the Note 3 so the superior HIGH RESOLUTION featured packed Note 4 jump is my best option now.

    6. Bust out laughing at work. LoL!!

  3. I got my Note 4 yesterday. The only problem is the lack of available cases. Guess I better not drop it until I can get a solid case.

    1. Amazon sells a lot of cases for the Note 4! Ebay if you’re desperate and don’t mind waiting a month! LOL

      1. I found one on amazon as well…just depends on what you are looking for. I went with a slim clear case and should be here by 10/16 (amazon prime life)

        1. There’s quite a few from Spigen on Amazon, but I went with this one: http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00N174JVA/ Comes with a screen protector too. Should have it tomorrow or today.

  4. I received mine yesterday! This phone is hands down the best I have owned, huge steps forward from my Note 2!

    1. Can’t wait to get mine! A few more hours to go! It’s also replacing a Note 2, which has been the best phone I’ve ever owned.

      1. Will be replacing my Note 2, once I get stuff situated. But I remember when I got the Note 2, it was blazing fast. Now it seems to have slowed down. Probably due to apps running in the background. So I’m looking forward to some more power.

        1. My Note 2 still runs surprisingly well! Was playing Modern Combat 5 the other day and was surprised that it was still able to keep up. But I also optimize the crap out of it too. LOL

          1. When apps are running, I have no problem. It’s waiting for the simplest stuff to launch. Like when I click in a text field, takes 10 seconds for the keyboard to pop up. And a lot of times, typing is terrible. I can type a whole sentence without any letter showing up, then they rapid-fire all at once.

            It’s little stuff like that, that shouldn’t be using a whole lot of resources, that drives me nuts.

          2. Damn, that doesn’t sound right. I’d say do a factory reset, but if you’re getting a Note 4, don’t bother! LOL

          3. Mine’s been doing the same thing. Relieved to know it wasn’t just me. Can’t wait to get mine — come on delivery man!

    2. wow you held on to that note for a while…glad to see the longevity.

  5. Can’t wait till FRIDAY!!!

    1. I have to wait until Friday for my preorder because i went through the retail store. Sucks!

  6. Yeah, typing this comment on mine that I got yesterday! Be jealous, it’s awesome.

  7. Planning on upgrading from my Moto X (2013) to a Note 4. I’m a bit hesitant though, since the X and the Note 4 are pretty much polar opposites.

    1. Once you go Note, you wont go back!

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