Samsung’s Protection Plus Mobile Elite warranty protects you from drops and spills for 2 years


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Samsung has a new warranty for US customers that might be worth looking into. They’re calling it Protection Plus Mobile Elite, and for $99 ($129 for the new Galaxy Note 4) you’ll get some pretty good protection in case you happen to commit a terribly unfortunate accident. The coverage lasts for two years, and gives you up to three replacements for anything that happens to your phone. The list includes:

  • Drops
  • Cracked screens
  • Water damage
  • Mechanical failures
  • Electrical failures

Of course, those replacements aren’t given without you having to pay a “service fee” (deductible) per claim. It’s $95 per claim for a Note 3 or Note 4, and $75 for anything else. Samsung promises 24/7 phone support and replacements within two days, to boot.

Compare all this to typical carrier insurance programs which charge you at least $8 per month and ask you to pay a typically more expensive deductible of about $100 in the event that your phone is accidentally damaged. The value sure seems to be there, though we’re not sure how we feel about three maximum claims over the entire course of the protection plan.

Samsung has the full details over at their website, including an FAQ that should answer any questions you have about the plan should you decide you want to get it. Whether you feel it’s a good plan or not, it’s yet another option for protecting what most consider a very expensive purchase.

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  1. Uhhhhhh……no.

  2. I wish someone better than assurion would finally offer theft/loss protection

  3. This looks just as bad as carrier insurance plans. My God.

  4. Since assurion offers 3 replacements per year I think I’ll just stick with that. It’s always nice to have options though.

  5. That is a lot cheaper than TMo.

    $7.50/mo per phone for insurance only, or

    $10/mo for insurance and jump!

    Then a $175 deductible for the Note 3.

    So for 2-years and 3-claims.

    TMo is $705 for (note 3)

    Samsung is $415 (note 4)

    1. only thing is tmobile insurance also covers Loss and Theft.

      1. I have never lost my phone, but broken it a number of times. I will generally use insurance once per phone before i upgrade to a new one again. So technically about once a year. I imagine more people break them than loose them.

        Not sure its worth nearly 40% more

        1. more people definitely break them than lose them, however im just saying that’s where the price difference comes from. Just as you have never lost a phone but have broken a few, others have never broken a phone but lost a few.

  6. Considering it’s the OEM shouldn’t it be a lot cheaper? They have all the parts and know how to fix their own device so it should be lower cost for them. They just want to double dip with customers.

  7. Verizon’s Wireless Phone Protection – Asurion plan is only $5.18 per month and $100 deductable ($62.16 per year).

    Plus who is going to actually keep their phone for two years? That is Barbaric.

  8. Blizzard is right. The value in this plan is for someone who doesn’t want to upgrade every year.

  9. Wait a minute…

    So they are asking for $99 which will cover two years + a service fee?

  10. Self-insure.

    The only other sensible option out there is JUMP w/T-Mobile,where insurance is already provided as a perk of the Program.
    Ever since BestBuy altered the terms of their insurance (a year or so ago) ,all of ’em are nothing more than a money-grabbing ripoff.
    It’s a total rip-off.None of these insurers would be offering it if they weren’t making money off of it.

    Keep your hard-earned money & self-insure.

    1. SquareTrade is a nice option too

      The good thing about carrier insurance however is that it covers theft/lost devices

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