HTC One M8 already receiving Android 4.4.4 update with EYE Experience in Europe



During yesterday’s Double Exposure event, HTC talked in great detail about their all new EYE Experience, their brand new updated camera app that will come with the HTC Desire EYE. During the event, they also mentioned their current flagship devices — like the HTC One M8 and HTC One M7 — would soon see a system update bringing these futures later this month.

HTC EYE Experience

Not much time has passed since then, but it seems the update is already making the rounds in Europe for the international version of the device. The update (software build 3.28.401.6) weighs in at 252.01MB and officially brings the firmware on the HTC One M8 to Android 4.4.4. For those willing, you can manually install the update where it’s already been posted to XDA. For rooted users, both LlabTooFeR and Mike1986 are supplying their versions of the update via their own custom ROMs.

As is usually the case, we expect the HTC One M8 Developer Edition to receive the update next, followed by carrier versions here in the US. Let’s hope since not much has changed, it doesn’t get held up by a lengthy review process.

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  1. Why is it not in the Play Store?

    1. Its a phone update so it won’t come from play store

      1. I’m sure he thought, as did I, that the camera app had been released on the Play Store in order to easily update.

        I was under the impression HTC had all their apps on the Play Store as that was their latest trend, unless I’m mistaking it with Moto.

        1. I believe the m8 is running 4.4.2 or 4.4.3 so it would be updated to 4.4.4

          1. Yeah I totally missed that in the article. I’m used to not having to worry about that kind of stuff.

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  2. Anybody know if I can get the HTC camera (and its features) on a google play edition M8 ?

  3. Fudge!! At some point I’m going to have to update my phone, but I don’t want to use the ART runtime. =.[

    All my XposedMODs. *sadness* Fudge!!
    I wonder if I can just get the app. Bah!! It might not be compiled for 4.4.2

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