Oct 6th, 2014


After announcing their engagement back in February, Facebook’s borderline crazy $19 billion dollar acquisition of popular messaging service WhatsApp is now officially complete. Although regulators were initially concerned about the effect the deal could have on competition (WhatsApp’s user base is nearing the 1 billion mark) and user privacy, it appears everything worked out in the end.

Interestingly enough, the deal is now worth more than it was back in February. This is thanks to the value of Facebook’s rising shares, making it closer to around $21.8 billion. With WhatsApp now officially a Facebook company, it still remains to be seen exactly how The Social Network plans on further monetizing the messaging service outside it’s $1 a year membership fee. We’d imagine stickers and other in-app purchases are incoming but here’s to hoping Facebook doesn’t ruin a good thing.

[SEC via Forbes]

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