Logitech’s new Galaxy S5 case offers rugged protection and integrated 2,300mAh battery


protection-plus-power for samsung galaxy s5

If you going to use a big, thick case to protect your smartphone, why not have one that gives you a boost in battery life as well? That’s the idea behind Logitech’s new case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 (and iPhone 6).

It’s called the Logitech Protection [+] (Plus) and as the name implies, offers more than just protection. With an integrated 2,300mAh battery, the Logitech case can increase battery life by as much as 80%. While extra juice for day out is always nice, the case doesn’t slouch in the protection area.

protection-plus-power-for-samsung-galaxy-s5-1 protection-plus-power-for-samsung-galaxy-s5

Logitech says the case exceeds the US Military’s drop-test standard for rugged devices (MIL-STD 810 G), surviving falls from up to 1.2 meters high thanks in part to the case’s thick layer of thermoplastic rubber to help absorb impacts.

Also “hidden” inside the case is a metal plate that integrates with Logitech’s other smartphone accessories like their air vent mount or windshield/dashboard mount.

You can find the black/grey or white/blue Logitech Protection [+] case on for $100 with free shipping.



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  1. The extra battery isn’t really necessary for an S5, it’s got great battery life and you can just swap out for a fresh one if you need to.

  2. Too ugly -_- and overprice

  3. Fugly

  4. $100 for an ugly case and why can’t they make batteries any thinner than this yet

  5. So. The s5 has that flap over the charging port. Where does that go?

  6. Good luck trying to sell this monstrosity to iPhone users!

    1. They’ll come around to buying it when iPhone 7 comes and they see the benefit. Remember that they always take a few years to warm up to things that are perceived to be crazy gimmicks when on Android

      1. and when Apple decides it is good they will sue everybody else for stealing their idea.

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