Is this our first look at the HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet? [Leak]


htc nexus 9 leak

Google is long overdue for another tablet in the Nexus lineup, and rumors say to expect them to introduce that tablet alongside HTC at some point this year. We haven’t heard a ton about the device and what it’s expected to bring to this point, but we might finally have our first glimpse at the thing.

Up and coming leakster @upleaks obtained a purported photo of the Nexus 9. We obviously want to approach this leak with a bit of caution as even the most reputable of leaksters have been duped with falsified renders and information before.

But if this is indeed real, what does it tell us? Not much, honestly. There’s an HTC logo sitting beneath the familiar Nexus stamp on the back. It’s big and square. And it appears the camera is being accompanied by an LED flash, which may or may not be noteworthy depending on who you are.

Even more noteworthy is that the camera ring design looks pretty similar to that of the Nexus 5’s. That’s all we can tell for sure. If my eyes don’t deceive me, though, it looks like the tablet could be sporting the same soft-touch material on the back that the Nexus 5 launched with. Heck, it’s almost as if this could be a really stretched out Nexus 5, but we won’t sound the alarms on a potential fake just yet.

Google and their partners have yet to disappoint when it comes to introducing smartphones and tablets with impressive specs so we’re sure we’re in for a treat with the Nexus 9. Unfortunately there isn’t enough information out there about the Nexus 9 so we’re still left in the dark. Perhaps that’s all for the better — knowing how much of a beast it might be would make the wait that much harder to bear.

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. 4×3 square? Nope. I’ll just stick with the nexus 6 this year.

    1. Yep…DOA if the screen is 4×3.

      1. Wow, you guys. 4×3 is not a bad aspect ratio at all. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more Android tablets like this.

        1. It is for watching video. Ever try to watch a TV show or movie on an ipad?

          1. I’ve watched tons of TV series on my iPad Mini Retina. With the high resolution, it doesn’t matter to me because it’s roughly the same size as you would get on the Nexus 7. I prefer it mostly because web pages and apps have lots of space and don’t have to get squished one way or another like they do on 16×9 and 16×10 tablet displays.

          2. Yeah…that’s why a 7 inch tab is too small. IMO, 10″ is the perfect size. 12″ might be good if they could find a way to trim the bezels.

          3. I have a 10-inch HP Touchpad from back in the day, and it feels enormous next to my 8 inch iPad. I think 8 inches might be the golden zone for portability. Small enough to carry around with you, but not small enough to feel like you’re losing out to the bigger tablets in terms of functionality.

          4. I respectfully disagree with you. The touchpad was a tank of a tablet. You should try out a modern day 10″ tablet, you might be surprised at how much they’ve improved.

          5. Yeah, we have a few full-sized iPads (and a Nexus 7) around the house and I’ve tried the iPad Air. They work just fine, but it’s just so easy to handle the Mini. The Nexus is even more portable, but it suffers from having just too small of a screen. Also I’ve tried out a Surface Pro 3 and it is actually a surprisingly good screen size for a Windows tablet, but I wouldn’t give up my iPad Mini for anything else at the moment. The 8 inch Dell Venue 8 Pro is a close contender for the ideal screen size, but it is such a buggy device that it’s not even worth powering on.

          6. Agreed the touchpad was awful.

          7. You seem to baseyour opinion on specs maybe youshould try an ipad then when you fall in love with the lack of lag the lack of apps crashing and hardware that can actually power the resolution of the screen walk out and never touchan apple device again. Thanks!

          8. I have and didn’t care for it at all. Thanks for your concern though.

          9. Users oftern claim their latest hardware is the ideal size, then a year later Apple release something larger and you change your tune. Apple users are all the same, your full of crap.

          10. You sure like to generalize Apple fans. I never claimed that the iPhone was the perfect size before the iPhone 6 came out. I prefer to judge a device on its merits.

            You remind me of a generic Android/Samsung fanboy. You like to be different and bash anyone who like Apple products as “Sheeple”. I used to be that way, but then I realized that we don’t have to hate each other. We can just let people buy what they like and enjoy what we have.

          11. Good for you, must be a nice view from up there on the fence.

          12. Yup, and IMO there should have been an Android Tablet with a 4:3 aspect ratio y now, I love it on my iPad.

          13. I didn’t realize that so many people like watching videos with huge black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. I tested out an ipad for a few weeks…and the one major drawback was that it was just a horrible device to consume media on.

        2. Yes, yes it is bad.

          We haven’t seen many Android devices with this ratio because manufactures know we don’t want them.

          Apple is a little different, their fans are stupid and buy anything with the Apple brand, Android manufactures don’t have that advantage.

          1. You haven’t explained why it is bad. I only buy tablets in 4:3 because I find it to be the best ratio for my purposes. Web pages look nice, and there’s plenty of room on the screen going both ways instead of the squished 16:9 and somewhat squished 16:10 screens. I have used a Nexus 7 and found it to be uncomfortable in both orientations. Everyone has different needs for devices like these. Some people will be streaming movies exclusively and would benefit from a widescreen tablet, while others will be reading comics and documents that are natively displayed in a 4:3 ratio.

            I am insulted that you would call all Apple fans stupid. I personally own an iPad Mini and find it to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. That said, I also own a Galaxy S III and will be upgrading to the Sony Z3 Compact if it ever comes to my network.

          2. When buying a monitor do you buy one with a 4:3 ratio display? of course not.

            Is it hard to read comics or view documents on a 16:9 display? Nope, not at all as I do it all the time.

            Is is annoying to have widescreen content squashed on a 4:3 display? Hell yes.

            Apple fans are stupid, iPad Mini is an overpriced piece of crap.

          3. Computer monitors and tablet displays are two entirely different things. Computer displays are much taller at around 21 inches. They can have a decent vertical resolution and most computer programs and websites are designed for widescreen. Since the screen is tall enough, it is advantageous to make it wider so that it takes up more of your field of vision. As a matter of fact, I use both a widescreen monitor and a nice 4:3 monitor for exactly the same reason I prefer a 4:3 tablet. I do a lot of comic reading and web browsing and any time a page looks bad on my 16:9 screen, I move it over to the taller one.

            Is it annoying to view 16:9 content on a 4:3 screen? Yes and no. The iPad has a high enough resolution to display 1080p content just fine in the space that it has and the letterboxing actually is not that bad seeing as I can move my subtitles down there for better contrast. I would much rather watch movies and TV shows on my computer or on the television though.

            The iPad Mini is not a piece of crap. There are things that it does that Android simply cannot do because of the operating system. My favorite application is to use it as a synthesizer with an external piano keyboard. It is not possible to do that with an Android tablet because of audio lag in the operating system. Piano key inputs have a noticeable lag and that is due to how Android is virtualized. Google has been addressing this over the years, but it is still not up to par. I have enjoyed my experience with the iPad Mini tremendously. It does everything I want and it does it smoothly. It is ignorant and close-minded to say that all Apple devices are useless.

          4. Seriously, how many people say out of 10000 users will use their mobile device as a synthesiser? I think we both know you can probably count that number on a single hand, in some samples that number might even be zero.

            Now, how many will watch video? Netflix? Youtube? Play games? or some form of content designed to be viewed on a widescreen HD display? Probably most of them.

            Also, about the iPad Mini, it has 768*1024 display with 162 ppi pixel density.

            I bet the text looks fantastic on that piece of crap.

          5. I can’t say for sure how many people out of 10,000 would use their iPad as a synth, but I do know it makes a darn good synth. One of my favorite Gorillaz albums, The Fall, was recorded and produced entirely on an iPad. Your claim that we can count that number on a single hand is baseless. Where did you get that number?

            I do in fact watch videos on my iPad and it handles them quite fine. Youtube runs fine and every site that I’ve gone to that has video clips has been compatible. I have never had a problem watching video.

            You are clearly not up to date on the iPads that came out last November. I have the iPad Mini with Retina Display. That means I have a full 2048×1536 resolution on a bright and beautiful IPS display. It handles widescreen HD video like a champ.

            Text does look fantastic.

          6. “2048×1536 resolution on a bright and beautiful IPS display. It handles widescreen HD video like a champ”

            My phone from 2009 can play HD video like a champ, playing HD video isn’t a big deal, it’s expected now.

            But considering you have to cut off the sides or have massive black bars top and bottom, it’s not exactly optimal and not really like a champ, more like a chump.

            “Where did you get that number?”

            Common sense.

          7. You don’t seem to get it. The bars are not massive at all. I am watching a TV show on my iPad right now and it is not noticeable at all. What I mean by it handling HD video like a champ is that a 1920×1080 video (1080p) can fit on the screen and still have pixels to spare. It also looks good because Apple always uses high quality IPS displays for brightness and color accuracy.

            Your phone from 2009 can not play HD video. The highest resolution phone of 2009 was the OG Motorola Droid with a resolution of 854×480 and is not even close to HD (I know this because I have one.). At the very least, it might be able to play an HD video file, but it cannot display it at its full resolution.

            “Where did you get that number? Common sense.”

            You made it up. You did not source anything. Being a part of the music community, I have seen that iOS devices are very popular because they can easily interface with instruments such as guitars and synth keyboards.

            Have you ever used an Apple product? I am a fan of Android, which is why I follow this blog, but I feel like you’re bashing a legitimately good product because you’ve drawn a line in the sand that you cannot cross. American automakers a long time ago would boast that they had never been in a Japanese car and never would. By ignoring the Japanese industry for too long, they were quickly overtaken and had to scramble to take back the market. It would be foolish to call the iPad a piece of rubbish when so many people use and enjoy it on a daily basis.

          8. Wow so u just admitted you’ve never even used an apple device but “know” its crap and apple customers are stupid! Lol does your car bed have a miiror anywhere near it?

          9. New iPad mini is clearly better but a 4:3 ratio display with iOS? Hell no.

            Also, Yes, I have used Apple devices and usually find them very frustrating to use due to the OS mainly.

          10. this guy….this guy gets it

  2. One of those for me, thanks.

  3. Looks like it is such a fake. At best a render, but that’s not the real thing.

    1. The camera looks way too close to the edge. Also some weird looking dots in that area

      1. half of the N is missing off Nexus too

  4. Please no

  5. If real the Nexus 9 looks like it’s going to fail hard.

    1. Why? Looks nice to me.

      1. Looks like a Nexus 7 with 4.3 display.


        1. That’s true. I would hope the price is as good as the Nexus 7 as a result of this design choice.

  6. Oh thank God it is a HTC and not an LG!

    1. Motorola tablet? Motorola tablet with a wooden back and aluminum frame? No? Okay…

  7. no thanks…if i wanted an ipad id buy one…who dafk wants 4:3 aspect ratio…i guess ill be wating for the shield tablet to drop in price so i can get it to replace my og n7…or i might just buy a 13′ n7 for these cheapy prices i been seeing

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