Some wonderful bastard put Windows 95 on his Samsung Gear Live (Android Wear)


Android Wear Windows 95

After showing both Minecraft PE and Doom running on Android Wear, some brilliant fool has loaded up a full version of Windows 95 on his Samsung Gear Live. We know. The first question you’re probably asking is, “Why?” Well, folks. Because Android — that’s why.

Okay, so the OS runs like sh*t and RAM is exhausted when opening applications, but this isn’t even the first time we’ve seen Windows running on Android devices (although this is definitely the smallest).

Back in 2010, someone ported the the popular operating system to general Android devices using 2 different emulators. Now, let’s load this thing up with some X-Com or Baldur’s Gate and we’ll be golden.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. That’s so cool. Brings back Paint memories

  2. Hah, remember running Windows 95 on my 2.4-inch Symbian phone, moving the mouse using the D-Pad. :D Symbian was just as flexible and capable, too bad Nokia messed it all up.

    Thankfully, we have Android now. :D

  3. No.

  4. Windows 95… better than Tizen

    1. How many of the 22 rated this have actually tried tizen??

      1. I upvoted him, because it was funny

        1. this ^

      2. Does it matter? Why does someone always have to be that guy?

        1. The better question is why you think your opinion on this matter needs to be shared with the rest of us when it has no practical use. Your criticism of him being “that guy” just goes to show that you are either incapable of appreciating the benefit of his statement or you’re choosing not to. It was funny and a good response. You have no power here.

          1. That’s not a better question, that’s a stupid question. I share my opinion because that’s what people do in the comment section. And speaking of no practical use, i think that describes your entire life. His comment wasn’t funny, it was stupid, just like your ignorant comment. And nobody is trying to show any “power” here.It just shows how stupid you are that you would even say that. Just because you’re inadequate in every way doesn’t mean that other people are trying to demonstrate some imaginary “power” just because they share their opinion in a comment section. What is wrong with you? Did your mother not love you or something?

          2. Personal insults on someone’s usefulness to society in life and common sense along with questions approaching the psychological analysis of someone you know nothing about is hardly a sign of enlightenment or intelligence. Bear that in mind next time you feel like commenting.

          3. And claiming that someone that you don’t know is trying to show that they’re enlightened or intelligent is a sign of complete ineptitude. My post was meant to neither. My post was meant to point out that you’re an idiot. I don’t care about enlightenment, but since you do, why don’t you shove a burning camel up your rear end. Then maybe I won’t have to put up with any more of your stupid comments. Now go ask your mommy why she never loved you. Maybe once you get that answer you can make some kind of positive contribution to society(although I highly doubt it) Until then, you’re a buffoon, go away please.

          4. I’m an idiot for not agreeing with you that his comment was stupid. What an interesting point of view. He was trolling at best and just feeling like hating on Tizen at worst. Either way raging out just because of a comment and telling me I’m useless is a tad excessive. The only reason why I even mentioned the “you have no power here” thing is because I was joking. You must know what a joke is, surely. It’s what people tell each other so that they don’t turn into closet ragers or so that their lives are actually filled with something called joy and laughter. U mad?

          5. If you call that a joke, then you’re the one who doesn’t know what a joke is. It was just a ridiculous thing to say. You know it was ridiculous and now you’re backtracking. But whatever. You probably arn’t even smart enough to see who my original comment was directed to.

  5. I love developers. Always ready to push the boundaries.

  6. someone put windows ce on the moto g wonder how well it works

    1. Really? Where did you see that?!

      1. xda

  7. Because science!

  8. I hope you mean Baldur’s Gate for Android, because it’s already on Google Play:

      1. Wrong X-Com but great game.

    1. Cool. Now let’s get it loaded up on Windows ’95 so I can play on my Moto 360.

  9. Come on. WIndows 3.1 or GTFO!

    I want to tediously install a game through DOS using 4 floppy disks and some kinf of micro usb to floppy disk controller

    1. You need win98se just for full usb support although If it’s running android wear underneath then u guess it’s a non issue

      1. Fine, ill find a way to do IDE to USB to micro usb. It might take 10 connections, but ill make it work

  10. Thanks for posting my video! I’ve got more of these on the way :)

    1. You’re welcome.

  11. “Brilliant fool?” Maybe. “Bastard,” unnecessary! Did the use of that language boost your ego Chris?

    1. It wasn’t even remotely used in an insulting way…

    2. You must have a rough time in life if you’re offended by colorful language like that. Check the comments here. The guy who made the video isn’t even insulted by being referred to as a “wonderful bastard.”

    3. Fool would be more insulting than bastard in that context…

  12. Where’s the blue screen of death?

    1. Give it 5 minutes.

  13. That’s… Both awesome and impressive… Bravo good sir.

    1. It seems like if you weren’t ruining android wear and were just running win 95 team wouldn’t be an issue half gig is more than enough

  14. Rather appreciate the person who was capable of going to the extremes of trying to get it up and running, it aint wise to call him a fool and a bastard.. Even if instult wasnt intended… It still is considered as such, donno if the editor was called them both and kept smiling as if it seemed cool from a really young age…

    1. Read these comments. The guy who made the video responded, and you know how outraged he was by those names? Not at all. He said thanks for posting the video. Why are people so sensitive about colorful language? Check the context. It’s not like the author was accusing the guy of not having a father.

      1. what do you mean by “People”? this hurt me, as I am not so sensitive.

    2. You’re what’s wrong with America, Joel.

      1. lol this^

    3. Read text in context.

  15. We’re in the future, we can put Windows on our watches.

  16. What! Just goes to show how lame these wristwatches are.
    Good job on getting Winders 95 to boot.
    Can you get Casio note and calculator to boot? Would be just like the old Casio then.

  17. I need early Mac OS on my pebble.

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