HTC beats Q3 2014 expectations with modest profit of $21 million


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HTC has once again kept their head above water as the company has performed better than expected in Q3 2014. $1.37 billion in revenue drove the company to $21 million in profit. That’s not the most amount of money you can stuff into the coffers of a company the size of HTC’s, but the goal is to make money and they did that this quarter.

It was a down period for HTC as the company goes from $75 million in profit last quarter to today’s result, but those numbers could be seen as a surge as the HTC One M8 was released throughout that period. Aside from the “One M8 Mini” (which is sold on Verizon as the HTC One Remix) HTC hasn’t had any notable handset launches since then.

It would be unfair to leave out HTC’s sound strategy of getting back to filling out the market with entry-level and mid-range offerings to target a large array of wallets as a key factor in the company’s continued success. They haven’t quite gotten back to the same levels of efficiency as they enjoyed earlier this decade or late last decade, but with time they should be able to spring back to former success and keep the ball rolling.

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  1. Need the butterfly 2 spec with 5.0~5.5″ QHD display and at least a SD805…. 3GB of RAM as well!

  2. I wasn’t paying attention and thought this said something about Beats, not HTC, lol…

    1. Yes, I had to read the headline twice, lol…

  3. Good news for the android eco system

  4. I already know the spec of Butterfly 2, thanks. I am just saying they need soemthing similar design to Butterfly 2 with a bumped up spec, which is like the M8 Max you just described, thanks!

    1. Don’t be that guy

  5. Don’t call it a comeback. They been here for years.

  6. Hey profit is still profit.

  7. I wish them all the best they’re still my favourite Android OEM.. here’s hoping their next few devices perform well

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