Disney’s sudden removal of Star Wars Assault Team and Tiny Death Star leaves developer perplexed


Tiny Death Star

Less than a year since they arrived on the Google Play Store, the sudden removal of 2 Star Wars titles — both Tiny Death Star and Star Wars Assault Team — is leaving some scratching their heads. This includes Tiny Tower developer NimbleBit.

According to the Tiny Death Star developer, Disney (whom recently acquired the Star Wars properties) didn’t do them the courtesy of so much as shooting them an email or giving any kind of warning what-so-ever that their game would be taken down. A pretty sh*tty thing to do considering the title was so well received and no doubt generated a good amount of revenue for the company. NimbleBit issued the following statement to Game Informer:

“We’re very disappointed to see Tiny Death Star shuttered less than a year after launch. We had no prior knowledge that the game would be removed and no longer even have a contact at Disney after the recent layoffs.  Suffice to say if you’re a developer looking to partner with Disney this might not be the partnership you’re looking for.”

After doing some digging around, it appears the game is still very much live under Disney’s Google Play developer account where it now remains. Sometimes these things take some time so if you were interested in checking out Tiny Death Star, download it now and it’ll forever remain available to you, even if you uninstall down the road.

Star Wars Assault Team

So what about Star Wars Assault Team? Disney says they removed both titles so they can focus on their other money grabs titles like Star Wars Commander, a Clash of the Clans style RTS from the now defunct LucasArts. Had we have known, we would have downloaded it before it was gone forever. Anyone upset over the move?

[Game Informer via Gamezebo]

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  1. Tiny Deathstar says its not compatible with my HTC One m8, or my Nexus 7, if I go to the Play Store on my computer.
    If I try through my phone, it says it’s not available in my country.

    1. Indeed, Play Store also says Tiny Death Star is not available in my country. What are they up to??

      1. This is not the Star Wars game you’re looking for.

  2. after being denied my right to speak, I’LL SAY IT *AGAIN*

    STAR WARS has gone to the DARK SIDE with Disney after the brutal, merciless and unforgiving killing of 1313. I wouldn’t be surprised if the emperor himself was in charge with the way the company is run. They can take their “sequel” and shove it where the moon comes out at least 3 times a day. (or they can just blow it out their àss̕) Either way. It’s a Di̡c̡k ͝Mo̧ve

    EDIT: it’s STILL AVAILABLE on the WINDOWS 8.1 STORE. I grabbed both of them just to spite Disney. Also the listing for Assault Team is still on Disney’s website..for now.

    Perhaps they will re-brand both Apps under the Disney name, as when I started up Assault Team, the LucasFilm logo came up. Come to think of it, Angry Birds Star Wars might be crushed by Disney’s AT-ST next due to the same LucasFilm branding. And god knows Disney is trying to make us forget LucasArts and LucasFilm ever existed.

    1. Don’t forget about Star Wars Detours. 39 fully finished and completed episodes and they just threw it away.

  3. Tiny Deathstar didn’t even have an endgame after all levels were built. A little lame that after you “finished” the game, that you never got a “fully operational” Deathstar end sequence.

  4. I’ve been playing SW Assault Team since launch and I’ll miss it. I’m also playing SW Commander and I won’t give them a dime after I’ve seen how they pull games without warning. They should at least keep the servers up for a few months to give people who just started it a chance to finish the story missions. As announced, it will end in a little over 3 weeks. Maybe the developer could release a stand alone version. I’d pay a few bucks for it.


  6. “After doing some digging around, it appears the game is still very much live under Disney’s Google Play developer account where it now remains.”

    So wait a second, they just took possesion of another developers game?? WTF!?!

    1. sounds like the developer built the game FOR Disney…I thought the same as you at first but then I figured that if that’s what indeed happened the author and definitely the dev would’ve been direct about it…

      this article isn’t very well written…don’t know for sure if it was a copyright/trademark takedown or just a simple removal by the owner (not developer) of the app

      1. That makes sense. Thought it might be something like that, but it still appears NimbleBit has been cutoff from any continued revenue stream from this game with little to no warning.

  7. Not only is Disney screwing up Star Wars stuff, but they are also canceling the Fantastic Four comic book because some jerk executive is mad that they can’t get the movie rights back from Fox. Way to go Disney.

  8. Disney is a well known illuminati zionist front. I wouldn’t purchase anything from them.

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