Nov 7th, 2013

star wars tiny death star

Looking for something to play on this glorious Thursday afternoon? Why not check out a new rendition of Tiny Tower reimagined with the Star Wars universe in mind? Dubbed Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, this 8-bit game takes after the original with a coat of paint authentic enough to make Yoda speak perfect English.

LucasArts says you’ll be able to “build the largest death star around,” which is odd considering the name of the game, but we’ll roll with it. There will be over 80 different commercial and residential Star Wars-themed floors, including Rebo’s Karaoke and Cloud City Spa.

Wookiees and Ewoks are available for hire, and your position alongside Darth Vader puts you on the dark side for a change — it’s about time someone lets us be the bad guys in a Star Wars game. Tiny Tower might have gotten stale for a lot of you addicts by now, but this Star Wars-themed reboot proves the legendary franchise can make any old experience worth revisiting. Head to the Google Play Store for your free download.