LG working on a webOS smart watch platform


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LG seemed to be all in with Android Wear as their first and second smart watches utilize Google’s new wearables platform, but recent evidence suggests the company will be giving webOS a shot. A recent landing page for developers to participate in developing for a webOS smart watch platform has landed on LG’s servers.

The page was taken down before anyone could get a good look, though as we all know nothing ever truly disappears on the internet. Unfortunately the pages doesn’t tell us much about LG’s efforts or what they’ve done to attempt to change the smart watch game.

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We’re not totally surprised that LG is antsy to get to work on their own smart watch platform. As great as it must be to use a platform backed by the strength of Google and Android, the restrictions Google has imposed on Android Wear manufacturers likely upsets them and inspires them to go and do their own thing.

We saw much of the same from LG in the TV space, where they decided to ditch Google TV in favor of their own webOS-based TV platform. It was easy to vilify a big company like Samsung for wishing to use Tizen for all but their smartphone and tablet products, but in a day and age of increased parity companies have to use everything at their disposal to differentiate themselves from competition. Kind of hard to do that when your smart watch looks like every other smart watch out there, isn’t it?

LG’s original landing page said more information was “coming soon,” though there’s no indication as to how soon they’re planning to spill the official beans. Needless to say, we’re intrigued.

[via The Verge]

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  1. All these company’s were very happy to hang on the googles shirt tail to build their business but so much for loyalty

  2. LG love them some WebOS…

  3. Seems like it’ll end up looking like android wear with the card system stuff…

  4. Let’s see how well they do convincing developers to build applications and functionality for a non-Android platform that only works on one brand of watch…

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