Samsung puts jokes aside and shows the Note 4 excelling in the gluteus maximus test [VIDEO]


It’s been easy for Samsung and others to make jokes at the expense of Apple throughout this whole #BendGate controversy, but Samsung has decided to shelves the jokes for now and show folks how durable their own smartphone really is. The company released a video showing how they test the Galaxy Note 4 (and all their smartphones) against pressure that might cause it to bend or break.

The test consists of weight equivalent to and beyond average humans being forced upon the middle as it’s stationed between two pillars. This gives them a proper platform to bend the device in a way that simulates real world conditions. Of course, Samsung’s phone springs back into shape just as easily as it should.

samsung note 4 bend test

In the video, Samsung touches on the fact that the Note 4 uses a metal frame and a magnesium bracket to ensure superior durability. This isn’t a bad way to open the eyes of folks who might have been put off by the iPhone 6+’s build issues without having to hurl a bag of insults at Apple. Take a look at the video above.

[via Samsung Tomorrow]

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  1. And Apple wasn’t smart enough to do this

    1. I’m guessing that Apple did, but didn’t mind the mediocre results obtained…

      1. As much as I dislike Steve Jobs and most things Apple, I’m fairly certain that he never would have stood for this mess.

        1. I don’t know about that, but he’s certainly lying down for it now. #HeyO #TooSoon

  2. It is worth calling out that this is the same test Samsung has been doing for years and not simply a response to “BendGate”.


    1. We did call that out.

      “The company released a video showing how they test the Galaxy Note 4 (and all their smartphones) against pressure that might cause it to bend or break.”

  3. Would have rather seen them do a real test, to show how much force it does take to make it bend. Consumer Reports showed that the Note 3 took about 150 pounds. Not a gag butt force.

  4. Now about that gap…

    1. It’s manufacturing defect and it happens randomly. You can return or exchange for another one if there’s gap (I know that Samsung has mentioned something about this but it’s manufacturing defect nonetheless). Now let’s talk about Apple- bendgate is not simply manufacturing detect, it’s the design flaw and EVERY single 6+ is a piece of Sh*t.

      1. I’m not even sure how to reply to something that ignores blatant fact and asserts your own opinion as fact.

    2. I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of datgap.

      1. i certainly agree with you on this one, Derek! Thats what I tell my wife.

      2. “Mind the gap”

    3. Can you honestly see a <0.1mm gap on the edge of your phone?

      1. That gap on the Note 4 is certainly more than 0.1mm.

        1. Does “dat gap” compromise the structual integrity of the device?

          1. That remains to be seen. Samsung has admitted that it may cause “minor rocking or vibration of parts may occur.”

            (Straight from their mouth)

          2. You are absolutely correct about the “that remains to be seen” part.
            So therefore, it is purely speculation (or bias). However, #bendgate is real and there is nothing to speculate.

          3. Can’t disagree there.

          4. I understand your concerns and I will certainly be asking questions if I notice any funny business when this phone arrives. Until then it seems like a georgous device with better specs and a better build quality then previous Notes. I am certainly interested.

          5. Wrong, it doesn’t say that it “may cause”.

            A small gap appears around the outside of the device case

            This gap is a necessary manufacturing feature and some minor rocking or vibration of parts may occur.

            Over time, friction between parts may cause this gap to expand slightly

          6. Hence why I only quoted part of it, as the insinuation is (since they included that line) the gap causes that to happen- again, though, its impossible to say at this point of its purely aesthetic, or structural. Note the placement of my quotation marks.

          7. You inferred that it “may cause”, it wasn’t insinuated.

            I’m certain that most unbaised tech enthusiasts would read that it’s there to help in the case that minor rocking or vibration of parts occurs.

          8. Interesting! That would make sense to why it is called a “feature” and was actually mentioned in the manual.

        2. two sheets of paper is maybe 0.2mm… is that too much? Most devices don’t have any gap and Sammy put the “gap” there to protect the screen from shock if you drop the phone.

          It’s really a non-issue, unless you’re severely OCD or something.

          1. That’s not what Samsung said in their official release- as I said, it remains to be seen if it’s a significant problem, or an aesthetic thing.

          2. They said it was a “necessary manufacturing feature”, and it’s actually been a feature of their design for many years – I’m willing to bet you’ve just heard about this “gap” problem in the last week?

          3. The Note 3 has a gap. It is significanly smaller, but it is there. I had no problems with my device at all.

          4. Having owned several Samsung products, two with *A* gap, I can say definitively that the gap around the edge of a Nexus 10 and the Galaxy Victory would accumulate dust and debris that couldn’t be cleaned without prying the casing open a little. Is it structural in those two cases? I don’t know enough structural engineering to say (both could take a fall decently). Were they intentionally left there? Possibly. But why it is “necessary”, I don’t know. I’d like to know, as those gaps got disgusting after a while, and were impossible to adequately clean out.

          5. Haven’t checked the Nexus 10 manual, but if it was significant enough to cause an issue, then it should be returned for servicing. I had an HP Touchpad that was replaced 3 times because of a “gap” around the screen – actually, the gap on the touchpad caused the glass to separate, so it’s a very different situation.

            Re: dust: more gets in through the speakers, charging port and mic holes… if you’ve ever taken apart a phone, that’s what you’ll notice. If it’s just an aesthetic thing, it’s just like complaining about finger prints.

          6. Nexus 10 support was a nightmare. I had one with a bad motherboard and they took three attempts to replace it

          7. I had a nightmare of an experience with Asus… talk about a gap… you could see INSIDE their damn tablet AFTER it was returned from a repair they didn’t even do! :o

          8. Go check out the issues with their PadFone X on XDA sometime lol

          9. Nope. My TF101 gave me enough grief! I won’t touch their products with a 100 foot pole!

          10. Then don’t buy it, it’s that simple, if it’s that much of a concern.

        3. Everyone should go to their local BestBuy and look at the gap for themselves. I tried for a good 5 minutes to fit my fingernail inbetween the screen and the frame and couldn’t get it to separate. That’s good enough for me and better than many other phones that couldn’t withstand that. This whole “issue” was severely overplayed from the beginning.

  5. This is what separates the men from the boys. Leave the Reynolds Wrap in the kitchen Apple

  6. Does anyone have a hard time taking the butt test seriously and not comical?

  7. DAT ass

    1. Well, if that’s what you’re into… lol

  8. Their example of a dude sitting on it is 220LBs, most people should be more than good with that.

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