Pushbullet introduces ‘Channels,’ like a mix between Yo, IFTTT, and RSS


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Pushbullet has slowly grown into one of those Android applications we simply can’t live without. Recently, we saw updates that brought the ability to reply to our phone’s SMS messages straight from our computers, and even universal copy/paste. Again, we can’t say enough about the application and how it’s helped streamline our workflow.

In a new update rolling out for Pushbullet on the web, the service is now introducing something they’re calling “Channels.” It’s a little hard to describe, but we’d liken it to services like Yo, IFTTT or RSS where you can essentially subscribe to notification feeds via Pushbullet’s new web portal. Once subscribed, you’ll receive notifications when something like a website publishes a new post, or when the channel owner wants to notify subscribers about some important update.

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While RSS feeds are naturally the most obvious type of Channel, Pushbullet describes a use case scenario where small businesses, groups, or even teachers need to send something to all their subscribers at once. Sure we have email, instant messaging, SMS, or just about any number of apps that do much of this already, but the fact that it’s so easy to set up and configure on an app we’re already using makes it useful enough to give it a shot.

You can get started making your own Channel here, or subscribe to the Phandroid channel here to get notified of new posts, or even receive notifications when our weekly wallpaper posts go live here. You can find all available Pushbullet Channels by visiting the link down below from your web browser.

[Pushbullet Channels]

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