Sep 29th, 2014

samsung galaxy note 4 gap

Samsung took a jab at Apple for #BendGate, but it seems they may have some build quality issues of their own to worry about. Recent reports out of South Korea after the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s launch there this Friday tell of an issue where there is too much of a gap between the display and the sides of the chassis. The gap is big enough to fit something as thick as a business card in there.

That may not be a huge issue at first glance, but that’s just enough space for hair and dirt to slide its way in, and it could be more susceptible to water and dust damage than any typical smartphone should. Samsung tests their smartphones quite rigorously as any fairly large company should so we’re not sure if this is a big oversight or something Samsung doesn’t see becoming an issue down the line. Either way, we’ve reached out to them to see if these reports are valid and if this issue is one to be worried about.

If this is, in fact, a manufacturing defect, it won’t look well on Samsung’s decision to push the launch of the smartphone up by as much as a week or two. It wouldn’t be crazy to think that some mistakes have been made in mass production in their attempt to get these things on store shelves faster. Whether that decision was the right one remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure, though — we bet they are glad they didn’t lay it on too thick when they were ribbing Apple for the iPhone 6+’s embarrassing week in the media.

[via ITToday Korea]

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