#GapGate for Galaxy Note 4? Early complaints of build quality fly in


samsung galaxy note 4 gap

Samsung took a jab at Apple for #BendGate, but it seems they may have some build quality issues of their own to worry about. Recent reports out of South Korea after the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s launch there this Friday tell of an issue where there is too much of a gap between the display and the sides of the chassis. The gap is big enough to fit something as thick as a business card in there.

That may not be a huge issue at first glance, but that’s just enough space for hair and dirt to slide its way in, and it could be more susceptible to water and dust damage than any typical smartphone should. Samsung tests their smartphones quite rigorously as any fairly large company should so we’re not sure if this is a big oversight or something Samsung doesn’t see becoming an issue down the line. Either way, we’ve reached out to them to see if these reports are valid and if this issue is one to be worried about.

If this is, in fact, a manufacturing defect, it won’t look well on Samsung’s decision to push the launch of the smartphone up by as much as a week or two. It wouldn’t be crazy to think that some mistakes have been made in mass production in their attempt to get these things on store shelves faster. Whether that decision was the right one remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure, though — we bet they are glad they didn’t lay it on too thick when they were ribbing Apple for the iPhone 6+’s embarrassing week in the media.

[via ITToday Korea]

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  1. Those LOLs we got at Apple’s expense sure were short-lived.

    Oh well, I’ve already decided that I’m ditching my note 3 for Shamu when it comes out so I can go back to making fun of Samsung soon enough.

    1. What if that new HTC One Max comes out, you wont consider it

  2. I should start a scandal called GateGate… This whole thing of attaching -gate to everything is more than slightly annoying.

    1. Then I’ll start GateGateGate.

      1. Looks like you are the only one working today. Everyone else take the day off?

      2. Then I would start ItsNotAGateSoStopAlready

  3. This is why i’ll stick with the motorola crowd.

  4. I think it’s fake.

  5. Samsung comes out to claim that there are only 8 reported incidents =P

  6. Just saw two display Note 4’s at Samsung Experience in Best Buy store. Absolutely no gap on one; the other had a miniscule gap on one of the corners that I would not have noticed had I not been looking for it. Either way I was not able to fit a business card into any part of either phone. By the way glad I went; just made up my mind on which color (black or white). The white is awesome!!!

    1. wish i could even touch the display model ones in Canada..can’t wait any longer..

  7. Not good…

    That means in a matter of time, dust under the glass and for someone who has replaced glass face on 1 phone and didn’t do the best job, dust under the glass because your seals were not good is NOT good. It can almost drive you insane as your try to wipe off dust you cannot get to.

    1. notegood!

      1. I see what you did there.

      2. I guess you also spent the four minotes watching that cheesy Samsung videnote.

  8. In other news, water is wet.

    Samsung isn’t the only one with such issues from time to time, but I’d be surprised if many would say they’re surprised.

  9. Yawn, still waiting on the Nexus announcement. Not really worried about any other phone at this moment.

  10. I tested my old Droid X and SO’s Droid 4, as well as my 2 year old Note 2. They all can fit a piece of paper into the gap between the screen and frames. Never had any problems with any of them in terms of dust or light bleed. Amazingly enough, there will always be at least some kind of space between glass and frame unless they start melding them together somehow.

    1. Oh wow. Never seen that gap with the iPhones before. Especially now with the 6 and 6+, where the edge of the screen curves seamlessly onto the frame. Yeah, just like what you just suggested.

      1. Just like the Nexus 4 did, two years ago. Apple must have really liked that phone.

        1. Yep, Nexus 4 was pretty good!

        2. It was a great design feature, never get why they ditched it for the N5. Hoping to see a comeback for the Motorola device.

        3. I was just about to say, no paper slides in my n4 :)

      2. Search YouTube for #popgate, then.

      3. What’s that? Oh, just the sound of you being wrong.

    2. Then you’ve never used a Moto X (2013).

  11. I just slid a thin piece of paper into the “gap” of my two-year-old Note 2. I used it in the rain in New York City, and NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. I never even thought about it, or tried it.

    If the media is going to make a thing of it, they’ll just just tighten up the frames, which are now a kind of metal, prior to U.S. release.

    Everyone kept begging for some “aluminum” – like Apple’s. And now there’s a problem. The company is aware, and it will surely be addressed.

    But if you check your current phone, there probably is a tiny gap. And as I said: it took a hard November rain with no problems.

  12. My Galaxy Note 3 has no gaps. I was going to buy Note 4 today, but I guess I have to wait for more reports to come through. I’m happy with Galaxy Note 3, just wanted to uupgrade for fingerprint scanner.

  13. Wow, this is a surprise…

  14. I would actually prefer having some space between screen and frame! Before we had plastic and if it would fall on a corner the plastic would absorb the shock. While now it’s aluminum , the aluminum would just bend and put some pressure on the glass and break it…

  15. It’s a preview for the upcoming features of Galaxy Note where you can swipe your plastics to a phone.

  16. fake, i think it was use glue and paper , he not show us the other side

  17. FAKE everyone! a real note 4 boot up screen will have “powered by
    Android” at the bottom of the screen, since it’s required by Google.
    It’s not present in the pics, FAKE. Nice try apple fanboys. Also, i can
    fit a piece of paper in the “gap” in my Note 3, no moisture, dust,
    problems of any kind. Go to Best Buy and look for yourselves, there is
    no gap…

    1. Just because you didn’t see the momentary ‘Powered by Android’ screen in the bootup PHOTOS doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

  18. Idc ill take a gap over a bend switching my pre orders from the plus to the 4

  19. Nobody is drawing more attention than Apple. This will be forgotten in a few days

  20. Called it. I said there would be manufacturing and software issues if they rushed the phone to market to compete with Apple.

    And a business card is much thicker than a piece of paper people. Don’t down play the gap by claiming something a fraction of the size will fit in between your screen and bezel.

    1. was it rushed out in south korea?

  21. obviously Quentyn Kennemar did not bother to read page 180 of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 User Manual,

    [Quote] ‘A small gap appears around the outside of the device case

    • This gap is a necessary manufacturing feature and some minor rocking or vibration of

    parts may occur.

    • Over time, friction between parts may cause this gap to expand slightly.’

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