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We’d gushed about Madden Mobile ahead of NFL’s opening kickoff despite feeling a bit slighted about the microtransaction-heavy game, but it’s still shone through as an addictive time passer that football fans should enjoy. We’re about four weeks into the NFL season and the first major upgrade has come to the game — leagues!

madden league

In lieu of a traditional franchise mode, leagues allow you and your friends to compete with each other to see who can stay atop the leaderboard by winning games. Game mechanics remain identical to head to head where you and an opponent take turns on offense playing against computer-controlled defenses. Unfortunately it looks like you have to pay in-game gold to start a league — 5,000, to be exact — and the system to invite friends to join the fun could do with some work.


The main element leagues introduces is “contributions,” which is basically “how much money have you spent on in-app purchases?” The more contributions one makes, the better badge they receive. These badges ultimately don’t mean much except to say “I’ve bought a crap ton of stuff,” though it’s worth noting that members of your league do receive a small gift whenever someone makes an in-app purchase.



Rob Jackson received a meager 10 gold coins for the $1 I spent, and if you know anything about Madden Mobile you know 10 gold coins isn’t getting you anything. We’re not sure if bigger purchases grant bigger rewards for league members, but we suppose something is better than nothing at all.

There wasn’t much else to be had in the update, though EA did mention that they polished a few areas to make the experience that much tighter. The upgrade is free from Google Play so get over there to check it out, and be sure to read our review of Madden Mobile if you’re wondering whether this mobile gridiron experience is worth your time and, potentially, your dollars.

And while you’re at it, why not join our league? Just search for “Ruler of the World” with the logo you see in the image above and request to join. Let us know your username in the comments section so we can accept you!

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  1. I’ve sent a request to join the league! Phaz0n is my username.

    1. Accepted!

  2. Is it just me or did Madden get a bit harder with the recent update? Don’t get me hard, I like that its a bit more challenging, but its definitely noticeable to me anyway.

    1. Don’t get you hard? Uh… sir… wrong site.

      1. Don’t get me wrong*… Lol, I’ll take this embarrassment with dignity. Won’t even edit my original post :-P

  3. How about Nvidia Shield support for passing with the buttons? Or just button-pass-support for any controller? Why have the buttons labeled above the players heads if you have to tap the screen anyway???

  4. I’ve sent a request to join: Name is TyTy

  5. I’ve sent my request to join the league! Jpatterson417 is my username.

  6. I’m only interested if I can have 1’2″ Christian Kirksey on my team.

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