T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 goes up for pre-sale; “ships by” October 17th



We might not have a solid United States release date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stake your claim to one. T-Mobile has just opened up pre-sales for their variant of Samsung’s latest phablet whenever it launches this October. The device will run you $749.76 off contract, and that can be split into 24 equal monthly payments of $31.24 for $0 down.

T-Mobile did happen to list a “ship by” date for their device — October 17th, according to their website. Note that “ships by” could mean any date up to October 17th, and there’s a possibility that it could suffer a delay. But with Samsung planning to have this phone launched in 140 countries around the globe by the end of next month we’d say T-Mobile shouldn’t have any issues meeting that promise. Head here to order one.

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  1. Still awaiting that XPeria Z3…

    1. wondering if the z3 will ever come to sprint

    2. I’m on the OG Jump plan and I’m ready for an upgrade. Z3 or One Eye? (If it even comes to T-Mobile…)

  2. I pre ordered today and received a text saying it would ship on 10/02/14.

  3. I’m anxious to hear confirmation that the TMO version’s bootloader is not locked.

  4. So is this faster than actually buying it at the store day 1?

  5. I pre-ordered and received a text saying it will be delivered tomorrow September 25th.

    1. Mine said samething I got 1-2 day shipping paid 25 bucks. I got a black one

  6. What about the Note Edge?

  7. Yes I pre order to. It said will ship tomorrow the 25th. What u guys think I got 1 day shipping 25 bucks paid

  8. Did it ship, Breeden?

    1. *Brenden

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