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Google Now excels in trying to deliver information that might be relevant to you at any given time. It uses your Google Search history to determine what you might be interested in and tries to serve up whatever it is you might need, whether that be directions to a local burger joint or movie times for an upcoming blockbuster film.

That functionality seems to have expanded today. Google will now alert you to flight prices if they notice you searching for flights to and from a place. For instance, searching vacation spots in Spain would bring up the prices for a flight to and fro. Google takes things a step further by tracking pricing history and letting you know if the price has seen an increase or decrease since the last time you checked.

We imagine it’s all powered by Google Flights, Google’s online flight searching site to rope together flight information and pricing. The only issue we can see is that Google Flights doesn’t cover every airline out there, so you’ll still want to do your research when trying to snag an affordable plane ticket. That said, they do cover quite a bit and this could prove to be a great starting point for anyone needing to travel by air. Folks should start seeing the new card in action some point soon (if you’re actively searching for flights, that is).

[via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. My uncle Noah built an Ark.

  2. Who the heck needs these useless cards

    1. As a college student in Fort Collins, CO that travels to San Diego quite frequently, it would be very helpful for prices to pop up that are within my budget so I know when to buy.

      Your opinion /= the majority.

      1. Prices in google now wont be as competitive as comparison websites

        1. I guess we’ll just have to see.

    2. Simply put, anybody that either passively or with a degree of intent, chooses to not open up and search Kayak, Priceline or whatever. Anybody that doesn’t need multiple apps to achieve the same thing. Anybody that travels often that’s part of Google’s ecosystem. Anybody that mindlessly searches the internet at any given time looking for places to travel to…. It’s a convenience, no more, no less. If someone doesn’t use it, that’s cool. No harm, no foul. There’s a bunch of cards I don’t use, and there’s a ton of cards that mysteriously pop up because of my habits that I had no idea existed. Google Now by design, is supposed to organize your life. Kind of like Google as a whole… Organizing the worlds information.

    3. I use the rental car service when I need to rent vehicles. I’ll be using these cards again come January when I go to Ikkicon in Austin. I may rent a vehicle if I’m not driving by then. I know for the hotel room, I’ll have some cards. I’ll also have some cards for some hit spots to go to, because you can be sure this newly college graduate will be making the MOST use of 6th Street. A mofo can’t wait!!

    4. Who the heck needs your borderline flamer query?

      1. Blind fan boys

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