[Update: on second thought…] “Android M” references begin showing up in AOSP comments


android m spot

We haven’t even gotten a full taste of Android L (or a final treat name for that matter) and Google engineers are already looking ahead to M. A comment about “Android M” appeared in an Android Open Source Project thread. The comment was in relation to obscure developer stuff that you or I may never understand, and there’s no telling what, exactly, they’re talking about.

It’s not odd to learn Google is already thinking about Android M. In fact, we’d be worried if they weren’t. Android L is likely in a state of fine tuning and bug crushing more than packing in more features. Anyone using the Android L developer preview knows that there certainly are a lot of things to take care of ahead of the final build. Google shouldn’t be adding much more than the goods they’ve already shown off at Google I/O earlier this year.


One thing we’re curious about — what will the “M” treat be? Marshmallow? Mint? Moon pie? Maybe even Milky Way? It’s tough to guess when we don’t even know what to call Android L yet. Google probably doesn’t even know what they want M to be, but it’s something to ponder while we await the latest round of goodness coming out of the Googleplex.

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[Update]: Whoops! Looks like our excitement got the best of us — apparently “M” doesn’t refer to the next major version of Android, but instead an internal milestone release. Nevertheless, we know Android L is their top and only priority right now, and it was fun to come up with some possible names for whatever “M” turns out to be.

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  1. The fragmentation doesn’t end.

    1. The innovation doesn’t end.

    2. So should they stop developing Android entirely in the name of ending fragmentation (which isn’t really a problem anymore, anyways)?

  2. Melon Slurpie

  3. You see this so often in this industry.. the currently hyped product is not even out and the next iteration starts to leak out. An example? Moto X just released. But, there is this newer model – the Quark – already coming on it’s heels – so why get the X. Makes you wonder if they don’t just hold back features and functions on purpose from the previous product – though they are ready – just to fit it into the next product and they could have put it in the current product the whole time.

    1. To be fair, the quark is the next Droid…not a newer Moto X. But yes you are correct. I bet someone is already working on the next X even though the 2nd gen. hasn’t even launched yet.

    2. It takes time to develop a new version of an OS. It’s not unusual at all for the next+1 version to be in development before the next version is completed and released. Microsoft had already started work on Windows 9 when Windows 8.1 was released. I’m sure Google had done at least some work on ‘L’ when KitKat was released.

      Phone hardware is similar. It takes 6 months to a year to develop a new smartphone, so the manufacturers are always working on future phones well in advance. It’s not a matter of “holding back” features, they take time to develop and test. For you as a consumer, if you keep waiting for the next, better phone to be released, you’ll be waiting forever as there is always something better on the way.

  4. where is the evidence is “Android M” mentioned?

    1. Next to last comment in the screenshot above – it says “expermental “M” feature…

      1. thx

  5. Would that be a UK Milky Way or an American Milky Way (what is really a Mars)?

    1. No, it’ll be a Jupiter bar. So much better.

    2. Is there really a difference? They sell milky ways and mars bars in the US both made by mars.

      1. Yes, the filling in the UK Milky Way is different. The US Milky Way has the same filling as a UK Mars and brown packaging instead of blue. Never seen a US Mars but I can’t imagine they’d have the same filling under 2 names so I assume it’s different?

  6. Android Mmmmmm…

    1. I’m mad you said that. LoL!!

  7. Android M&M?
    Android Milkshake?

    But definitely not this one:
    Android Molasses

    1. Milkshake is probably the most global

      1. It’ll bring all the boys to yarrrrrrd…

        1. And they’re like my phone is better than yours.

  8. They are saying that ABD terminal color support is not going to be added to Android L (LMP-Dev) and it belongs in Android M (expermental)

  9. Android Muffin

    1. Muffin top would be the streamed down android wear/auto/tv version just the best parts off a muffin

  10. Can’t wait for Android Marshmallows. ;)

  11. Android Mimosa…..Ok ok. I know it’s a cocktail and not a desert…but its refreshing

    1. And hasn’t amazon already used this name??

      1. Man Idk….you tell me

  12. Macintosh, just so it stings Apple.

  13. Android Creampie…. Oh that doesn’t begin with M. Awkward

  14. if android L is Lion and android K is Kitkat.. well, it might be Mars ;)

  15. M&M’s! yea i like M&M’s and L should be Laffy Taffy then the easter egg could be a laffy taffy joke.

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