Four Motorola apps enter the Play Store for the new Moto X


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Motorola was one of the first OEMs to put core components of their software in the Play Store. Since then we’ve seen other manufacturers follow suit. The 2nd generation Moto X has some new software features, and just like last year, they’ve been released to the Play Store. Today Motorola users will find four new app updates for core features: Actions, Display, Sensor Services, and one simply named “Moto.”


This app is simply an assistant to help new u sers get the most out of their new Moto. Most of you won’t have much need for this app.

Moto Actions

Moto Actions is for configuring the 3D gestures you can use to interact with the phone. You can wave your hand over the phone to silence calls, snooze alarms, or open the camera with a flick of the wrist.

Moto Display

Moto Display gives you notifications without having to unlock your phone. Information discreetly appears on the display without any interaction from you.

Motorola Sensor Services

Motorola Sensor Services allows you to keep your Sensor firmware updated to allow for the best phone experience.

All of these apps are available now in the Play Store for free on Moto X (2nd gen) devices. Features like these are what makes owning a Motorola device so great. Go forth and download!


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  1. Why did Chris Chavez +1 the Moto Display when can’t load it on Moto X OG? I am not so happy as a Moto X owner that it isn’t compatible.

    Publishing to Play when only device that it comes on can use it has it installed and isn’t even shipping yet seems premature.

    I guess they are pre-publishing it in anticipation of fast-follow fixes. I guess I can get behind that – except that my X OG can’t use it!

    1. They’re publishing in the Play Store because that’s how this functionality will get updated. Instead of having to issue a phone firmware or OS patch they can just update the app. It’s not about making these apps available on other devices.

    2. Time to upgrade.

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