Moto Voice update adds features for Moto 360 users


moto voice update

One of the best reasons to own a Motorola device is the excellent Moto Voice capability. Simply put, it’s like Google Now on steroids. You can talk to your phone when it’s in your pocket, create your own personalized “OK Google” command, get a readout of all your missed notifications, and much more. It’s pretty cool. Moto Voice was just updated with some interesting additions for Moto 360 users.

After you get this update you will notice that Moto Voice knows if you have a Moto 360 connected, and it will adjust its behavior accordingly. Saying “OK Google” won’t wake up your phone and watch. The Moto 360 becomes your main device for voice commands. You will even see a toast notification on your phone if you try talking to it with your watch connected. This is obviously a very nice feature. As we get more devices that are always listening we will need features like this. Download the Moto Voice update below if you have a Moto X (1st & 2nd gen), Droid Maxx, Droid Mini, and Droid Ultra.

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  1. only for motorola phone users… so if you have a moto 360 and a non-motorola phone its a no go.

    1. If you have a non-moto phone you can’t install the app to begin with and the issue won’t exist. Not sure what your point is?

    2. If you have a non-Motorola phone, Google Now doesn’t work in your pocket (with the device off), so it doesn’t matter anyway!

      1. Wait I’m confused… I have a moto 360 paired with an LG G2 and I can use Google Now via the watch with my phone in my pocket. Am I misunderstanding something here?

        1. This article is talking about a feature where “Ok Google” won’t wake up both your Motorola phone (running Moto Voice) and your smartwatch.

          1. Oh I gotcha now… OK Google doesn’t wake up my phone in my pocket, but it wakes my watch which can send a google now query to my phone. Thanks for the clarification!

  2. They still haven’t fixed the issue with nicknames. If i say text my wife, it knows to text my wife, but when i say call my wife, it tries to call a contact that sounds something similar to “my wife” still works great but I’m being nitpicky :). Anyone want to hear some more whining? :D

    1. I can call and text my wife just fine.

      1. How do you have the nicknames set up? Through the contact right?

        1. I think Derek may be incorrect. I’ve been over this before too, if you’re using Touchless Controls/Moto Voice to wake the phone it doesn’t recognize nicknames. Though I think it does work if you use Google Now directly.

          1. That’s what I’m experiencing but I can text via touchless controls using nicknames just not dial.

      2. I can call and text your wife just fine as well.

  3. Today’s update doesn’t yet allow changing the trigger phrase from “OK Google Now”.

    Maybe the next one?

    1. I wonder if it’d let you change it to “Yo, Gatorade me b!tch”

  4. When it was American, I was like so-so about a phone always listening and sending that over Inet. Now that Motorola is Chinese, one must wonder…

    1. One must wonder how important or special you think you are if anyone cares to spy on you. Or maybe you shouldn’t be doing illegal things if that’s your concern… Get a grip people we (mostly) are all PEONS in the grande scheme of things. My friend and I have a hashtag for this: #GOY (get over yourself)

      1. Yep, no one cares. Even the big things that you think are ultra private (cheating, etc.), no one cares.

      2. If one’s job is sitting on a couch in dad’s basement all day long, playing video games and toying with idea to go for a job interview once a month, then certainly you wouldn’t care. My job spans number of high-profile organizations, and I would prefer to stay away from a possibility of someone always listening on the other end. Hell, I would prefer to stay away from someone listening what I say about my own government. But again, this is person’s own choice. If someone’s ready to sacrifice every little right they might have left, just to satisfy their own laziness…

    2. I have a Oneplus One. In certain instances a Chinese symbol pops up when dialing. I’ve given up any and all arguments for privacy with my purchase.

  5. Am I misunderstanding something here?

  6. Can anyone confirm if there is at least like a check box option to retain the “OK Google Now” trigger on the Moto X even when connected to the 360? What about if the watch screen is not on / not listening? Am I missing something here because I thought a huge advantage to the Moto X was a trigger even with the screen off. I use that all the time in my car. This article seems to imply that the screen off trigger will be lost if connected to the 360, meaning u would have to turn the watch screen on before speaking. I realize it’s pretty easy to flick your wrist to turn it on but still… I’m not sure if I like this so I’m scared to update the Moto Voice app…

    1. You can set the phone to trigger on the launch phrase. However, the 360 is always listening as well.

  7. Thanks for the clarification!

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