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There was a time when Google didn’t try to guess what you were searching, or show your results instantly as you type. It’s hard to believe that Google hasn’t always had these important features. They’ve become so essential to what people expect from a Google Search. A new feature is being tested by Google that takes auto-complete and instant results to the next level.

You can type certain questions in to Google and get a pretty little answer on top of the search results. Unlike the results that show up while you type, answers only show once you press enter. With this new feature enabled you can see answers to questions while you’re typing too. So if you type “Weather in New York” it will start showing before you complete the search. Here’s how to enable this.

  1. Open Chrome for Android
  2. Go to chrome://flags in a new tab
  3. Find the ‘Answers in Suggest’ flag
  4. Tap on the drop down box 
  5. Set it to ‘Enabled’

Now when you do a search in the omnibar you will see answers included in the suggested results. This feature further cuts down on the amount of time it takes to get an answer from Google. Getting your answers accurately and quickly is what makes people come back to Google every day. Are you going to enable this feature?

[via omgchrome]

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