Moto X (2nd Gen) goes up for pre-order from AT&T in black, leather, and bamboo


Moto X 2014 DSC06845

Yesterday we told you about the new Moto X going up for pre-order today. We were expecting pre-orders to go live at 11am Central, but AT&T has jumped the gun. They are offering the 16GB version of the new Moto X in black soft-touch, black leather, and bamboo. It’s available for $99 with a new two-year contract and $526 off-contract (Motorola asks $499 for the Pure Edition).

Motorola will have the new Moto X available later today with all the Moto Maker customizations, and the aforementioned Pure Edition. If you opt to buy the Moto X from Motorola you can get $50 off with an .edu email address. Buying it from AT&T will get the device on your front porch a day or two after September 23rd. Will you be buying the Moto X from AT&T, or are you waiting on Moto Maker? What color are you getting?


Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. I still haven’t received my promo code from the. .edu ? What gives?

    1. I sent mine in and received it within 30 minutes. Maybe you need to send it in again as it could have contained a typo or was captured by spam filter

      1. I did that. It said that email has already been used. So I assume it went through.

        1. Did you use the email for the 1st gen Moto X discount code? People seem to be having issues if they used it on the 1st gen one. If so, I imagine a politely worded e-mail or Tweet to Motorola will correct the issue

          1. Yea, i had that issue with my .edu email cuz of the 1st gen Moto X promotion. Oh well, not really planning to get a 2014 Moto X anyways.

          2. Nope never used it.

        2. I’d say just be patient and it will show up. They’re probably getting bombarded with requests.

    2. Mine took about 18 hours to arrive but it finally showed up this morning. Part of the email said “sorry for the delay…”.

    3. Mine went straight to the spam folder but it was there.

  2. Still torn….should I do the Next program for this at 26 a month of the G3 at 29 a month? I went through and almost bought the Moto….but love my G2 and am afraid of giving up a great camera/battery phone for the Moto X after reading all of the subpar reviews over the battery and camera. Thoughts?

    1. definitely G3. substandard battery and camera=substandard phone

    2. Keep the g2 or you’ll be giving up battery life for a slight speed bump

      1. I’m loving the screen on the G3 and the camera reviews I’ve read. Not sure what else to wait for…..maybe the Nexus? But who knows what kind of substandard camera/battery is going to be on that since Motorola is making it….FML

        1. G3 +1

  3. I have the current Moto X and like it very much. Unfortunately, it could not be rooted easily (from XDA) like a Samsung. Any ideas on this new Moto X? I’m also wondering how improved the voice commands (which I believe is the next big change in smartphones). For example, can I listen to and send texts and emails from Google Voice and corporate email accounts? Thanks.

  4. I am tempted to buy this phone but I still have to sell my Nexus 5 and I am curious as to what the next Nexus is going to be like.

    Also I think this is the link for the moto maker for the new one but it doesn’t work just yet:


  5. I haz more interest in the Z3.

  6. No 64 gb option in the pipeline?

  7. Part of the email said “sorry for the delay…”.

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