Square Enix brings the original Dragon Quest to Android


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After having launched Dragon Quest 4 for Android a few weeks ago, Square Enix wants to add more of the series to Google Play’s catalog. The company has released the original Dragon Quest game, giving us a touch-equipped rendition of the game that started it all. The $3 download gives you access to the entirety of the game as it was released with no microtransaction nonsense to be had (something Square Enix is rightfully proud about).

Dragon Quest is an RPG that puts you in control of the heir of Erdrick, a legendary hero known for saving the world a few too many times. Now it’s your turn head to the Dragonlord’s place of residence and stop him from destroying the world. You know, your typical fantasy RPG stuff. But it’s so good, and for $3 you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Be sure to check it out in the Google Play Store right here if you’re interested.

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