From The Forums: Galaxy Note 4 launching at the wrong time, Uber drivers, and more



It’s been a busy couple of weeks for smartphone fans. From Samsung and Motorola’s new devices to the iPhone 6 and Apple’s first smartwatch, the forums have been buzzing. Here’s what has people talking over at Android Forums this week.

Is Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 launch timing all wrong?


Samsung beat Apple to the punch in announcing the Galaxy Note 4, but will it matter if the phone launches a month after the iPhone 6 (and, more particularly, the phablet-sized iPhone 6 Plus)? That’s the question on rushmore’s mind this week. Did Samsung make a “Charles Barkley turrible contrast in execution of a launch,” as rushmore so eloquently puts it? Will the iPhone steal the Note 4’s thunder? Don’t forget to check out the full Galaxy Note 4 forum for more.

Uber, Lyft, & Sidecar: The rideshare revolution


Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar — we’re sure you have heard of them. Not only are they a great way to get around, but they have also become a viable source of income for a growing number of folks offering rides to cash in. Whether as a part-time or full-time gig, it’s easy to see the appeal in the flexible schedule, seamless service, and a never-ending customer base provided by these apps. We’ve all grabbed an Uber for a ride home, but would you consider getting behind the wheel?

Making sense of T-Mobile’s monthly payments

John Legere

T-Mobile started a revolution when they introduced a new monthly payment model while simultaneously doing away with smartphone subsidies. A year later, customer confusion persists. What, exactly, is the user on the hook for? How do payments for a phone roll into and affect the total cost of monthly service? More importantly, is there a catch? Android Forums users attempt to make sense of T-Mobile billing, and it’s worth checking out if you are considering changing carriers (and with so many new phones on the horizon, now is a tempting time).

Your nomination for favorite Robin Williams role


It’s been a month since the world lost one of its greatest comedic minds, and now that we’ve all had time to process the death of Robin Williams, there’s never been a better time to highlight his storied career. Android Forums members have been discussing their favorite roles portrayed by Williams. My personal pick? Mrs. Doubtfire. This thread has actually existed since the news broke, but it’s worthy of all the attention it gets.

And more…

Found your own favorite thread from Android Forums this week? Share it with us below and don’t forget to sign up for an account if you haven’t done so already. If your thread catches fire, it might even make its way to next week’s edition of From the Forums.

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  1. Only negative affect the Note 4 sales will have, being released after the iPhone 6 Plus, are with the folks that only moved to Android because of the bigger screen, but truly wanted to stay within the Apple ecosystem. There will be some that are on the fence between Android and iOS, but the true fans of the Note series won’t be willing to give away the S-pen technology, for a physically bigger phone (yes, it’s slightly less wide, but overall bigger), that has a slightly smaller screen.

    1. Agreed. I love my Note 3 and there has yet to be a phone released since that has a chance of taking me away. The closest was the Moto X but it’s significantly weaker specs lost me. As it is now, unless another device can match the Note’s S-Pen functionality and also offer me the same (or close) size, I wont be switching. Note 4 here I come.

      Side Note (no pun intended): I’m eagerly awaiting reviews on the Note 4’s camera. If it doesn’t do a better job in low-light than the Note 3 I wont be upgrading at all. The camera is actually quite poor. It’s low-light performance is inexcusable given it’s price, other specs, and competition.

  2. Iphone 6 Plus will certainly affect Note 4 sale lot. All along, within large screen category, From Galaxy S3 and Note 2, Samsung had not much of a good comparison or competition. Now they do have a formidable iphone 6 Plus and it is hard to find fault in iphone 6 plus to convince oneself to buy Note 4; unless you simply loves Note in whatever way.

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