Sep 11th, 2014


New apps are constantly arriving in the Play Store, but occasionally one will catch our eye. Sup is a new app for Android that first arrived on iOS (we actually mentioned it on Mobile Roar 58). On the surface this app looks like a cross between Snapchat and Skype, but there’s more to it than that.

When you send a “Sup” to someone they have 5 minutes to respond. If they accept the request it will open their camera so you get a live view of whatever their doing. It’s like opening a portal. This is where the fun begins. Now you can swipe in any direction to give them commands. Swipe right to tell them to move the camera to the right, or up, down, left, etc. Tap the camera button to tell them to switch to Selfie mode. You are in control of what you see (if your friend is obedient).

At the bottom of the screen during a Sup there is a heart with a circle around. The circle signifies how much time is left in your Sup. It’s a little like the Snapchat countdown, but if you tap the heart you can prolong the Sup call. This fun app works with your phone number so it’s very easy to find friends. Start Supping below for free!

Google Play – Sup (Free)


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