Sep 9th, 2014

Android Wear update Moto 360 LG G Watch DSC06834

Listen up, Android Wearers. Google has just begun pushing out an update to all currently available Android Wear devices, bringing them up to version 4.4W.1. While they’ll all see that same software version, builds may differ slightly. For instance, our LG G Watch is showing build number KGW42Q, while the Moto 360 shows KGW42N (chances are, your Moto 360 may have already shipped with the newer build).

Last week, Google detailed a variety of software updates they had in store for Android Wear devices and although this latest update doesn’t introduce offline music playback or downloadable watchfaces, it does add a few goodies we’re excited about.

First off, you can now choose your business end points when performing a navigation voice command. For instance, when navigating to Starbucks, you can now scroll through a list and choose the exact location you had in mind. You can also choose exactly how you’d like to get there, with the option to select driving, walking or public transportation.

You’ll also find the update adds a few more options when setting an alarm, allowing users to select whether it’s a 1-time deal, or how often they’d like the alarm to reoccur. Pretty much the same thing you do when setting an alarm on your smartphone.

Keep in mind this is just the first of many updates headed to the wearable OS in the near future, so sit tight. There’s plenty of time for Android Wear to evolve before the Apple Watch debuts early next year.